Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hair update...

so a couple months ago i posted this post about what my next hairstyle should be...and most ppl thought i should stick wit the thats what i did!!! a darker color tho

Thanx for weighing in...i hope u all like it. I hope u like it Cheryl cuz it prolly will be like this for ur wedding! Please disregard the vacuum cleaner in the back...i clean damnit!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

im soo sorry!! Did ya miss me??

 Im so sorry i been ghost for a while...but im tired of update posts, so none for me this time. The reasons i been gone are because:
  • life somewhat got in the way
  • my laptop actin crazy (anybody got a product key i can borrow for windows vista...cuz i aint tryna buy no new operating system)
forgive me? i lost like 2 followers but...eff 'em...i like the rest of yall better! lol. Im sure i wont post everyday...but i doubt ill take so much time off for a while.

Thanx for stickin around!