Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just checkin out this whole text message Blogger feature...lets see if it works!

Lemme tell u bout this LAME nigga.... and my girl Shan went to the mall yesterday (Southlake) and when we walked in the door at the food court entrance...this chick and a guy walked out the door. So lemme tell u bout this chick hair...

I guess she was tryna do the whole Unique from Ray J show look wit her hair...but i didnt work because it was SUPER easy to see them big blonde tracks across her head! She had her real hair (which was kinda red) glued down wit a jar of gel...then the tracks were sittin on

So when we walked by them, Shan and i looked at each other crazy wit dat WTF face...then i said, "Hell wrong wit her tracks?"


Some nigga who was apparently with her that was stragglin behind stopped and said to me..."What u said?"

So i was like...

"What the hell u talkin bout?"

Then he said..."Thats my folk...what u said about her?"

Then i said..."hold up...was i even talkin to u bruh?" He kept repeatin "Thats my folk" like i gave a damn...he know her tracks messed up!! He know better than i know! He knew exactly what i said cuz he know her weave is jacked up!!

So while his dumb behind proceeded out the door (cuz his punk behind wasnt gonna do anything) I kept sayin to him..."i wasnt even talkin to u, bruh! i dont even know u! Keep it movin!"

I'm just sayin...What was he plannin on doin by questionin me? U gon come over here and Chris Brown me?? Nigga u aint crazy!! He super lame 4 a girl! U bout to come in my face bout some ol dumb mess like that??

Das a b**** move, up.

Welcome Home!!

So my mommy's back home!! Yay!! She got discharged Tuesday evening now she's back at the crib. Its kinda bittersweet tho. It was a lot better for her when she had nurses on deck to bring her whatever she needed whenever she needed it. But now that she's home...I'M back to my i cant be there 24/6 like i was b4. Plus...ima week behind in school and i gotta catch up! boyfriend and i mini-celebrated our monthi-versary yesterday by goin to Fridays (love the ribs!) He got a Jack Daniels burger and i got...of course...RIBS and fries with Jack Daniels glaze and blue cheese for my fries! mmm...

I decided im not goin to school this summer (cuz i used up all my loan money in the Fall and Spring) So im tryna find healthcare related work and some type of volunteer program (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta...GET AT ME!)...

Basically, overall...things are lookin up! Once again...thanx for the prayers!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Its like after 5 watchin Roseanne re-runs on...of course...Nick @ Nite. Still at Emory (hopefully our last night here) Ima have to miss another day of school tomorrow.

Anyway, I went to sleep at a decent time last night...i think like midnight...which is awesome for me! But I didnt go to sleep cuz i was sleepy... I went because I had this horrible headache! It was so bad it made me dizzy. So, i went to sleep and woke back up at 3:47am...havent been back to sleep since...and now the damn headache is back!!! ugh!!!

I miss my baby a whole lot. He came a few times since i been here (thursday & saturday) but i miss layin up wit him and watchin movies and stuff. I really wanna get back to him. I cant imagine how my brother has felt without his wife for a whole damn year! Our 9 month monthi-versary was wednesday (the day of my moms surgery) so we didnt see each other all day! So...we'll get it in when i get home. I heard the weather has been pretty nice. I wouldnt know. LOL. i barely left this building. I would love to just chill on a beach or something. I miss beaches here :(

*i want a turkey sub* but i digress...

im so freakin miserable right now! This headache has messed up my whole night! Im in this hospital the bf is sleeping so i cant call or text him. Im kinda hungry...freakin miserable.

Hopefully i'll feel better for my next post :-/

I almost mom is up and walkin now!! Yay!! She is officially wireless!! No IV's or anything! She cant walk too far yet but she's gettin there. She's out of the ol' Emory blue smock and is into her pretty baby pink pjs and robe! **she think she flyy** LOL. Thanx again everyone for the prayers :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feelin Betta!!

Hey Blogspot/Blogger...whatever u choose to call it...

Still at Emory...Mom is resting...She had a pretty good day today. She's lookin a lot better...feelin a lot better...hopefully by tomorrow she could get up and walk around. My brothers are here so the 4 of us been coolin it. She loves the fact that all 3 of her kids are here for her. She said we are her world ::blush::

I been sittin here thinkin bout the things ima do when I get back home...first of all my Sweetie Pie Hunny Bunch is takin me to get my toes done...YAY!! Way over due...haven't had them done since like October! I me, its a waste of money if its cold and I cant show 'em off!!
Also, I need to get myself more organized...real talk. I been slackin. My room is a mess and its been like that way longer than I'm used to. I just haven't been motivated to clean it. I'd rather just go cool it at my bf's crib so I don't have to look at it. I'm really not that lazy...I just have to be in the "cleaning mood" to really do it how I want it.
Lets see...what else? oh yeah...of course I gotta catch up on the school work. I hope I don't go back next week and have a test I ain't know about! I'd be super salty! I'm sure they would work with me...cuz if not...ima raise hell. Cuz I don't play about my grades!
On another note...I been feelin pretty good today. Last week I spoke to my advisor and I really didn't like what she had to say. Change of plans...and yet another damn setback! That day, after speaking with my bf and my mom...I felt a lot better and I knew I would just basically have to roll wit the punches. So then today after speaking for a while wit the night nurse Bill; i got me some freakin awesome advice! Along with the advice from my mom and her friend Tresh (pronounced Trish). So now I am super excited about my new plans for the next couple years!!
plus...ima blog more often :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hospital Stay...Day 3

So its a little after 6am...i been up all night watchin a George Lopez marathon on Nick @ Emory University Hospital in Decatur, GA. I should have been sleeping a while back but my mom wakes up periodically in need of ice chips or for me to help her turn from side to side. The surgery went well on Wednesday. It took a good 4.5 hours total to remove *most of* the pituitary tumor that grew in my moms brain. The surgeon couldnt retrieve all of it because some of it was wrapped around her carotid artery...and if they accidentally touched that...let's just say that would be a super duper NEGATIVE.

I havent slept much bc im worried that she would wake up needing me...and i would be fast asleep. Not a good look. Everytime she makes a sound...I'm on my toes! She's my heart.

Anyways...i missed school all week, im likely to miss it Monday also cuz the doctor thinks she might have to be here till then...fine wit me. Im a grinder. I can catch up. I just couldnt imagine myself being anywhere but right HERE.

I would like to take this time to thank Dr. Oyeseiku for doing an awesome job during surgery along with the ENT team. I would also like to thank the Nurses: Bill, Cathelyne, and Susan for lookin out...bein on top of them ice requests...and giving mommy what she needs to feel better. Also...Keen, Sadie, and Tresh (my moms friends) for comin thru and spending time with her...especially Keen...i see why ur her best friend. Also, my hunni, Que for comin thru and spending the whole day with us Thursday...and i know ur comin today, too. She loves u boo. Of course, my brothers Jamie & JaVon...Jamie for being the leader that u are takin care of home and JaVi while we're here and JaVi for being a big boy for Mommy. And last but not least...EVERYBODY that said a prayer for her...U cant even begin to understand how much we appreciate it! God really came thru for us...of course!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have been kinda miserable lately. Madd ups and downs. Idk whats goin on in my mind cuz i got A LOT goin on in my life. Wish I could blog about it, but im just not comfortable with all that yet. Been slackin a lot on these blogs...not just writing...but reading also.

Well, I got one piece of good news to share...My sister-in-law (more like a real sister to me) is comin home from Kuwait this month YAY!! She's been there a year serving in the US Army. Pretty sure this was her last deployment so we're all pretty excited for her to come home...hopefully soon i can write a blog about her and my brother expecting a niece or nephew for me! (crosses fingers!)

Anyways...for some reason i feel like sharing a little. No details. But im speaking to all praying ppl right now. My mom is sick and is undergoing invasive surgery Wednesday morning to remove a tumor in her brain. I've been trying my best to be extremely positive and not think the worst and im relying on my faith in God to pull her thru. (talkin to her on the phone right now :) But...I'm gonna spend the week in the chair right next to her in the hospital. Every day and every night. Just like she did for me when i was 7 and was diagnosed with asthma. She quit her job to stay with me. She deserves the same. I already told my teachers i'm not comin to school this week...just so they know wussup.