Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feelin Betta!!

Hey Blogspot/Blogger...whatever u choose to call it...

Still at Emory...Mom is resting...She had a pretty good day today. She's lookin a lot better...feelin a lot better...hopefully by tomorrow she could get up and walk around. My brothers are here so the 4 of us been coolin it. She loves the fact that all 3 of her kids are here for her. She said we are her world ::blush::

I been sittin here thinkin bout the things ima do when I get back home...first of all my Sweetie Pie Hunny Bunch is takin me to get my toes done...YAY!! Way over due...haven't had them done since like October! I me, its a waste of money if its cold and I cant show 'em off!!
Also, I need to get myself more organized...real talk. I been slackin. My room is a mess and its been like that way longer than I'm used to. I just haven't been motivated to clean it. I'd rather just go cool it at my bf's crib so I don't have to look at it. I'm really not that lazy...I just have to be in the "cleaning mood" to really do it how I want it.
Lets see...what else? oh yeah...of course I gotta catch up on the school work. I hope I don't go back next week and have a test I ain't know about! I'd be super salty! I'm sure they would work with me...cuz if not...ima raise hell. Cuz I don't play about my grades!
On another note...I been feelin pretty good today. Last week I spoke to my advisor and I really didn't like what she had to say. Change of plans...and yet another damn setback! That day, after speaking with my bf and my mom...I felt a lot better and I knew I would just basically have to roll wit the punches. So then today after speaking for a while wit the night nurse Bill; i got me some freakin awesome advice! Along with the advice from my mom and her friend Tresh (pronounced Trish). So now I am super excited about my new plans for the next couple years!!
plus...ima blog more often :)

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