Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome Home!!

So my mommy's back home!! Yay!! She got discharged Tuesday evening now she's back at the crib. Its kinda bittersweet tho. It was a lot better for her when she had nurses on deck to bring her whatever she needed whenever she needed it. But now that she's home...I'M back to my i cant be there 24/6 like i was b4. Plus...ima week behind in school and i gotta catch up! boyfriend and i mini-celebrated our monthi-versary yesterday by goin to Fridays (love the ribs!) He got a Jack Daniels burger and i got...of course...RIBS and fries with Jack Daniels glaze and blue cheese for my fries! mmm...

I decided im not goin to school this summer (cuz i used up all my loan money in the Fall and Spring) So im tryna find healthcare related work and some type of volunteer program (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta...GET AT ME!)...

Basically, overall...things are lookin up! Once again...thanx for the prayers!!!

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  1. Oh, my mom told me about ur mom (by means of my sister jennifer by means of keen). so good to hear that all is well now. tell ur mom i wish her the best.

    btw, you should come to ft. lauderdale for a weekend in the summer! <3