Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet the Parents...

Hello Blogger!!

I know I been ghost again! oh well...I got stuff goin on. The point of this post is...

I meet my future mother-in-law today!!!

I'm sooo nervous! I spoke to her on the phone a handful of times...and I tell my bf to tell her I say "hi" whenever he speaks to her on the phone. She seems to like me so far, but who knows. I'm nervous cuz soo many women have issues with their mother-in-law (including my mom and grandma. lol) I dont want that to be me. I want us to get along great...although he IS her only child :-/


any advice?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Im sure this might be my most random update post ever...u love it!

This is like my 4th post for the day...and its only 9am! WTF? I know right...

Well, I been up all I have for like the past 5 nights. It started Tuesday night while cramming for my first final. Not a good look. Cuz I was super tired during the test. Slept all day Wednesday then was up all night...thus beginning a very vicious cycle.

But screw what the calender summer began Friday afternoon! NO more school for me till the fall...thank God, cuz im soo tired!


Watchin Spongebob...never seen this episode. Squidward had surgery and got handsome!! LOL. I love this show!!

So...b4 my recent barage (sp?) of posts...I havent had a post in almost a month! Bad Rieka!! I also plan to post pix computer hasn't been workin and I dont feel like puttin my digital camera software on my bf's laptop. School's over now. Got lazy. Dont trip...its only temporary.

My mom is doin fine...thanx for caring and praying. Yay, its mother's day! Gotta go hang out wit her today. Happy Mother's day to all the mommies that will feast their eyes on this blog! One time for one of my best friend's in the world...Robin...the mother of my God-babies Joshua (2) and Nia (1). I heart them :)

Friday was my bf and my 10 month monthi-versary! Yay! Almost to a year...cant wait.

I NEED a job for the summer. Gotta make dis bread, cuh! sure there may be a million more posts for the day. I guess I been bottling up a lot in the past few weeks. Still gotta talk about the playoffs and why I love the NBA!

Stay tuned all day!



Kid Cudi...dope.

Kid comer. He's pretty beasty. Check him out...


I love music with a passion...which u probably cant tell from my blog. As much as I love music...I should have more posts about it...tighten up, Rieka.

So first off...


No...I did NOT watch Degrassi. Yes, I'm late. I just got put on a few months ago. I found out about him thru reading other ppls blogs. Plus when I saw the Comeback Season Mixtape cover...I was like, "damn! that nigga look good!" Everyone was sweatin this dude pretty hard. Like he was the freakin best thing since sliced bread. So, I downloaded Comback Season...

...and was so freakin disappointed. The only song on there I REALLY like is Replacement Girl with Trey Songz. The song with Rich Boy and the one with the Clipse are ok. The rest of them I wasnt feelin. So I was salty bc I was expecting sooo much. I felt like he was all hype...

UNTIL I got So Far Gone!! I fell in LOVE with this mixtape! I been killin it for a while now. At first I listened to it once in a while but for the past few weeks, its been hard to leave it alone!

My favorite is "Brand New". This song is constantly on repeat. Its on my myspace page, too. The next is "Best I Ever Had"...then "A Night Off" with Lloyd. The list goes on and on...lets just say I like the whole thing. Im sure my bf is tired of it by now as much as I play it.
Go Get It!

Gettin Old...

Hey everyone!! ya miss me? Its been a super hot minute...lotta stuff been goin on in my life. I'm sure to blog about some of it later.

So my roomate *Danielle* turned 22 last Monday. Yay! Happy belated birthday! But anyways, that day, we had a conversation about how freakin old we're getting and how time is flying by!

I turn 23 in a couple months which sounds so old! Sorry to the ppl older than dont mean to offend anyone. But I coulda swore I just turned 22! Ages 19-22 feels so recent. And I think about it like this...

when u turn 21...u think ur grown cuz u can buy liquor and everything....go to 21+ clubs and stuff. But ur still kinda brand new to being grown.

when u turn 22...U really start to feel grown because...hey, u been buyin drinks for a while now! U can go to any club u want to! (which i dont care about cuz I dont do that anymore) But 22 feels gr8 to be honest. I feel like a big girl now. I can do whatever I want, without having to answer to anyone. I'm comfortable here. lol.

now 23...that just sounds old! Even now I have a hard time realizing how grown I am! lol. But at 23, you are more experienced with a lot of things. At this point you been buying drinks for a long time. Ur a vet! And ur even closer to 30! LOL

Idk, maybe I'm just aprehensive about getting older. 22 is the age that madd ppl in there 40s reminisce on! Once our youth is all over...we cant get it back! Although, the most important goal I have in life is to have a family...I'm sure I will miss these days.

Danielle and I also came to the realization of the main reasons we are worried about it is bc we feel like we are not enjoying it like we should...all bc of SCHOOL! We spend so much time in school and studying that we feel like our youth is flying by! Its so hard to live like you want with all that goin on. But I have no option. So my goal is to live everyday to the fullest...and see what happens :)