Thursday, December 31, 2009

U know what? Bump dat! He gets his own post today!!

Yeah, screw all dat im dedicating this whole blog post to my baby brother JaVon aka JaVi...cuz its his BIRTHDAY TODAY and @ 12 years old he been through a lotta mess in his life and he been extra strong. so here's some pix...

Whoopin my butt in Fight Night...

Fake sleepin...u aint foolin nobody!

Aint we the cutest??

So u cool now, huh?

Happy Birthday, Boo Boo...i love you!


I cant think of a title for this one,,,who cares?

I would like to start this post off wit a shout out (yes, i said shout out! lol) To my favorite lil man in the WORLD, my baby brother JaVon. He is 12 today!! Yay!

(its a pretty old pic but he still looks the same, just a lil taller) anyways...
Happy Birthday JaVi!!

Next on the agenda,

I'm yet to post any pix from Thanxgiving and first it was bc i was too lazy to upload them. But now, its bc i cant find the cord that goes from my camera to my computer! so, my plan is to post the few pix that i took on my phone. hope its good enough for u all =/


so first off...Que's lil cousin Jehlan...2 year old cutie...he had a mini crush on me! I <3 him lol

At BD's Mongolian BBQ wit Que and my mom-in-law on our last night in Ohio. It was pretty dope.

Que's brand new first nephew, Asher isnt he cute??

Here is Que playing with Asher...

I have a million Asher pix, and it would be impossible (possible, just too lazy) for me to post them all...but this one is the cutest.

Thanxgiving overall was pretty fun. I woulda had more pix but i was meetin my bf's fam for the first time, so the last thing i wanted to do was to snap pix in their faces all day! lol. But the food was extra good, and everybody seemed to like me =)


All i really have to show from Christmas was MY PLATE!! lol.

Clockwise, starting at the top: Glazed Ham, broccoli, rice and peas, oxtail, potato salad, scalloped potatoes, and baked mac n cheese...mmm...ya ahoulda seen my take home plate! lol

Christmas was decent. Coulda been better (if i woulda just stayed my butt home...just me and my man...) but, It wasnt about me, it was about Christ, and he got his honor.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

I need ur help...

So its about dat time to get my do So i need help. I need for yall to tell me what my next hairstyle should be...ok, the options are (drumroll please):

Kinky Twists (throwback 2006 pic)



Bangs (my current look)

(Click on the pic for a better view)

Tell me what you think!! Thanx!!


iPod 20

Here's my iPod 20 list. The first 20 songs on shuffle...

1. Bria's Interlude-Drake
2. I Need a Girl-Trey Songz
3. My Type-T.I.
4. Girls Around the World-Lloyd
5. Goodlife-T.I. ft Common & Pharrell
6. Houstatlantavegas-Drake
7. Little Bit-Drake
8. Didn't I Tell You-Keyshia Cole ft. Too Short
9. Uptown-Drake ft. Bun B & Lil Wayne
10. Slow Dance-Keri Hilson
11. Cant Help But Wait-Trey Songz
12. Live Your Life-T.I. ft Rihanna
13. Show it to Me-T.I. ft. Nelly
14. Role Play-Trey Songz
15. Butterfly Tattoo-Bobby Valentino
16. Let it Go Remix-Keyshia Cole ft. T.I. & Young Dro
17. Say Whats Real-Drake
18. The Calm-Drake
19. Im Illy-T.I.
20. Can We Try Again?-Raheem Devaughn

I'm kinda salty cuz it kept rotatin songs from the same albums as if i only got 5 albums on my Dat junk played damn near half of Drake's album! lol. Oh well!


Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello all...

Damn, i guess im startin off this month kinda late. I still gotta update u all on my thanxgiving in Ohio with the future in laws. Ive been to lazy to upload the pix so i can make an all-inclusive post...but ill get to it. soon enough i guess.

So lately, my facebook statuses have looked a lot like this:

Sharieka Bryan is idk.

There's nothin wrong wit me, i just been in this mood lately in which i am neither happy nor sad. I just be thinkin too hard. Like, everything that is goin on in my life is goin thru my head all at the same time. And its not all day that i feel like this...its only at night. I know im not depressed cuz it really aint dat damn serious, but its really annoying. Im just gonna have to pray about it cuz its really not a good look. My bf asked me about 20 min ago, "Rieka, Whats wrong?" and i really didnt know what to say. idk. oh well. yall think im crazy??
lemme know.