Thursday, December 31, 2009

U know what? Bump dat! He gets his own post today!!

Yeah, screw all dat im dedicating this whole blog post to my baby brother JaVon aka JaVi...cuz its his BIRTHDAY TODAY and @ 12 years old he been through a lotta mess in his life and he been extra strong. so here's some pix...

Whoopin my butt in Fight Night...

Fake sleepin...u aint foolin nobody!

Aint we the cutest??

So u cool now, huh?

Happy Birthday, Boo Boo...i love you!


I cant think of a title for this one,,,who cares?

I would like to start this post off wit a shout out (yes, i said shout out! lol) To my favorite lil man in the WORLD, my baby brother JaVon. He is 12 today!! Yay!

(its a pretty old pic but he still looks the same, just a lil taller) anyways...
Happy Birthday JaVi!!

Next on the agenda,

I'm yet to post any pix from Thanxgiving and first it was bc i was too lazy to upload them. But now, its bc i cant find the cord that goes from my camera to my computer! so, my plan is to post the few pix that i took on my phone. hope its good enough for u all =/


so first off...Que's lil cousin Jehlan...2 year old cutie...he had a mini crush on me! I <3 him lol

At BD's Mongolian BBQ wit Que and my mom-in-law on our last night in Ohio. It was pretty dope.

Que's brand new first nephew, Asher isnt he cute??

Here is Que playing with Asher...

I have a million Asher pix, and it would be impossible (possible, just too lazy) for me to post them all...but this one is the cutest.

Thanxgiving overall was pretty fun. I woulda had more pix but i was meetin my bf's fam for the first time, so the last thing i wanted to do was to snap pix in their faces all day! lol. But the food was extra good, and everybody seemed to like me =)


All i really have to show from Christmas was MY PLATE!! lol.

Clockwise, starting at the top: Glazed Ham, broccoli, rice and peas, oxtail, potato salad, scalloped potatoes, and baked mac n cheese...mmm...ya ahoulda seen my take home plate! lol

Christmas was decent. Coulda been better (if i woulda just stayed my butt home...just me and my man...) but, It wasnt about me, it was about Christ, and he got his honor.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


Monday, December 21, 2009

I need ur help...

So its about dat time to get my do So i need help. I need for yall to tell me what my next hairstyle should be...ok, the options are (drumroll please):

Kinky Twists (throwback 2006 pic)



Bangs (my current look)

(Click on the pic for a better view)

Tell me what you think!! Thanx!!


iPod 20

Here's my iPod 20 list. The first 20 songs on shuffle...

1. Bria's Interlude-Drake
2. I Need a Girl-Trey Songz
3. My Type-T.I.
4. Girls Around the World-Lloyd
5. Goodlife-T.I. ft Common & Pharrell
6. Houstatlantavegas-Drake
7. Little Bit-Drake
8. Didn't I Tell You-Keyshia Cole ft. Too Short
9. Uptown-Drake ft. Bun B & Lil Wayne
10. Slow Dance-Keri Hilson
11. Cant Help But Wait-Trey Songz
12. Live Your Life-T.I. ft Rihanna
13. Show it to Me-T.I. ft. Nelly
14. Role Play-Trey Songz
15. Butterfly Tattoo-Bobby Valentino
16. Let it Go Remix-Keyshia Cole ft. T.I. & Young Dro
17. Say Whats Real-Drake
18. The Calm-Drake
19. Im Illy-T.I.
20. Can We Try Again?-Raheem Devaughn

I'm kinda salty cuz it kept rotatin songs from the same albums as if i only got 5 albums on my Dat junk played damn near half of Drake's album! lol. Oh well!


Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello all...

Damn, i guess im startin off this month kinda late. I still gotta update u all on my thanxgiving in Ohio with the future in laws. Ive been to lazy to upload the pix so i can make an all-inclusive post...but ill get to it. soon enough i guess.

So lately, my facebook statuses have looked a lot like this:

Sharieka Bryan is idk.

There's nothin wrong wit me, i just been in this mood lately in which i am neither happy nor sad. I just be thinkin too hard. Like, everything that is goin on in my life is goin thru my head all at the same time. And its not all day that i feel like this...its only at night. I know im not depressed cuz it really aint dat damn serious, but its really annoying. Im just gonna have to pray about it cuz its really not a good look. My bf asked me about 20 min ago, "Rieka, Whats wrong?" and i really didnt know what to say. idk. oh well. yall think im crazy??
lemme know.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day

Happy Thanxgiving everyone!! I hope u all are enjoying ur day so far. I'm hungry as hell right now cuz I decided not to eat till dinner! I'm in Ohio with the bf and things are awesome so far. I will blog more when I can


Thursday, November 19, 2009

B.I.G C.L.E.V.E lol



PLEASE get off of ppl's nuts!!!

OMG! If i see one more person on facebook wit the name ________ Minaj or "some kinda Barbie" im gonna freakin S C R E A M!!!!

Why Why Why are females sweatin this female like this??? WTF is goin on?? Wuss wit all this I AM NICKI MINAJ sh*t (excuse my potty mouth)?! NO YOU ARE NOT NICKI MINAJ!! You are whatever-the-hell name ya birth certificate says!

Why cant people just BE THEMSELVES???

I had to put on my status: Sharieka Bryan really wish folks would get off Nicki Minaj's nuts

I hope not to offend anyone...but...frankly...i dont give a damn! People need to hear this! I got madd responses and everybody co-signin.

Please don't mistake this for hate...cuz this has nothin to to with Nicki Minaj as a talkin about these dick-riders. I still dont understand why females be sweatin other females (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Beyonce especially) When these ppl are human just like we are! Cuz God knows im startin to lightweight dislike these ppl solely based on these girls out here. Its ok to have role models...but this mess is just outta hand!



Wednesday, November 18, 2009


ok ok...Throwback vid of the day!!!

Remember this joint from '99???

Kelis-Caught Out There

*Disregard the crappy video...this was the only one i could ::embed:: smh. lame.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gucci...Leading Lady

So, im not sure if any of u have or heard Gucci Mane's Gangsta Grillz mixtape (that dropped in August) called The Movie Part II...


If u havent...GET IT!

u know why???

Cuz MY MAN (Que the Boy Wonder) Produced track #12 called LEADING LADY!!!

Yes, my baby is a if ya need some beats...get at him @

in the meantime...check the song...its my ringtone =]


Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Excited...


I booked my flight to go wit the (future) hubby to OHIO for thanxgiving!!! YAY!! I already met his mom, dad, aunt, and grandmother...but this month i will be surrounded by EVERBODY ELSE thats in his family!! Including his step-mom, his brothers, sister-in-in law, brand new nephew, and like a million uncles and cousins! Im really excited to meet everyone and im probabley JUST AS excited bout all the freakin food!!!

but here's the thing...

I wasnt able to get the same flight as him...matter of fact...we aint even on the same airline! And i will be in Ohio for a whole 5 HOURS b4 he gets there!!! WTF? What the hell am i gonna do?? I'll be with his step-mom and his lil brother, and maybe even his dad...scary. I'm really nervous about that. What will i do till he gets there? anybody ever been in a similar predicament??

Well, im excited overall. I'm sure it will be fun. We'll be there from the tuesday till sunday. I'll return with pics. Till then...


*This Trey Songz album ain't no joke! Jupiter Love*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did u REALLY invent sex, Trey??

Yeah?? Seriously?? Its like dat Trey??? I mean damn...if this aint one of the most inappropriate videos EVER!!! LOL. They doin everything but actually smashin' on here!! This is worse than soft porn!! But no lie...I LOVE IT!! Trey Songz KNOW he look good...and he chose a pretty good lookin girl for this video. Its a very sexy song and video...but damnit...if i had kids, this would def be on the DO NOT WATCH list!! Enjoy...if ur 18+ lol


Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding Bells???

So i was on Facebook for a while this evening. And i noticed a pattern. Madd ppl i went to HS with (c/o 2004!! lol) have either gotten married, or are engaged! Not half as much as the ones who had kids...but some are married WITH kids! I was fb messaging a friend from high school who was 2 yrs behind me...and this dude is married wit 3 kids!!! say word? He's 21 years old and done having children!

Anyways...many of my friends have either an engagement ring, or a wedding band (including my BESTIE Cheryl!! I cant wait to be the maid of honor in her Spring 2010 nuptials!!).

My BFF Cheryl and her awesome fiance Ari...i heart them! lol

The ring!


But every time i see ppl flashin their rings...i get kinda anxious! Not to be confused with need for all that! lol. It just makes me think of how happy i will be when its my turn!! It will be awesome. I just hope my bf does something cute and creative...i dont want no "spur of the moment" proposal...i want somethin prepared damnit!! LOL


Thursday, October 29, 2009


my mom is on facebook :-

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hilarious Commercial of the Week: Snuggie!

Ok...I know these commercials been around for a lil minute now...but i cant help but LMAO everytime this freakin commercial comes on!! But real talk...are these ppl serious?! They have to be!

(disregard the crappy video...the best i could find)


1. @ 0:03 & 0:08 seconds...why is this nigga "raisin the roof???" When the hell was the last time it was ok to raise a damn roof??? And this dude is doin it in the gayest way possible! LOL

2. @ 0:19 & 0:22 seconds...check the old man on the left...the only dude at the game WITHOUT a snuggie!! Is it really that cold? Or is he just pissed cuz he aint got one?! Regardless...these ppl trippin. Thats why this is the Hilarious Commercial of the Week!


Sign them papers?!

My boyfriend and i had a discussion last night while walkin thru Walmart. We were talkin about the music industry and what they do to entice fans thru their music.

...It all started on our way to walmart, that new Usher song came on the Hot 107.9 "Papers". Ok. Not a bad song. Sounds good to the ear. I LOVE ballads. And im sure plenty of ppl can relate...
i mean DAMN URSH! Sign the papers?! First of all, we believed you when u said "Confessions" wasnt about Chilli (yeah right!) but damn, not only did u put ur new ex-wife on blast wit this one...i mean, u made a ballad about signing divorce papers! Does that only sound funny to me? or am i just crazy?

So anyways...after expressing my views to my bf, he agreed and basically told me the reason for it. Money. This song is gonna get a lot of buzz. This is what ppl want to hear. There's prolly madd folks out here whose relationship is borderline divorce; and this song is just what they needed to go head and make it official. I mean...there's nothing wrong wit the topic of the song...thats not my beef. My beef is the line that is repeated in the chorus. Ya coulda been a lil more creative, and a lil more subtle. Ok Usher. Congrats. Get back at me when u get a better hook than "im ready to sign them papers!"



Ok...i LOVE this band!!!

I'm not usually on top of new videos on MTV or new music by rock bands, but, last year some time i heard this song called

and i instantly fell in love with it! i downloaded it and killed it. But for some reason, i didnt think to do my homework on this band. So i just did. Yesterday. I spent half my day on youtube watchin videos on most of their songs. Come to find out they have 3 albums, including one that just dropped late last month.


Although I havent listened to every song on every album, im in love wit their second album Riot! released in 07. All the singles they released from that album was dope!
The band consists of Hayley Williams (lead vocals/keyboards), Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), Zac Farro (drums), and Taylor York (rhythm guitar). They been out since like sure im late, i hopped on early 08.

anyways...check em out if u havent already. New album in stores: Brand New Eyes tired of black ppl thinkin that all they can listen to is Hip Hop and R&B!! Although those are my 2 favorite genres...there is nothing wrong with being open minded! Its all music! I like what sounds good or whatever speaks to me. Get out of ur little boxes and Get like me! LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So this is what you missed

I guess this is an update post since IM BACK NOW! ya missed a lot.

Im 23 now! whooo hooo!!! And it feels great! A bit contrary to my feelings from 5 months ago: read it here

A lot has happened in the past few months...most will be omitted from this post lol. But my birthday was pretty fun. I got up and just hung out at the crib wit my man, then we went to Movie Tavern to see the latest Harry Potter movie. after that, we went back to the crib...i changed up and put on my birthday dress wit my black peeptoe pumps and went to Ruby Tuesdays on Virginia Ave. The ribs were bomb. After that, we kicked it wit our boy Marcus and some other folks at his new apt.

Also, in August, i moved the hell outta Clayton county Georgia...Thank God...and now i am in the beautiful Dunwoody/Sandy Springs/Perimeter area...although my address says Atlanta...smh. Anyway...i love it here! its much closer to things including Perimeter mall where i seen Lloyd, Biz Markie, and Mike Bibby...and also Lenox Square Mall...where everybody be! That works for me.

My bf and i actually moved here together. Its his apartment, but im just here temporarily till i can get a job so i can get my own (hopefully across the hall lol). We're not ready to live together yet...its not of God. (Not to condemn anyone...that's just how we feel)

Speaking of the my older posts, i was super excited about us reaching our one year mark. Now its been over a year and three months!! still goin strong. By FAR my longest relationship ever!! Our anniversary was July 8th and despite our plans for the day, it rained, so we kept it simple and went to Olive Gardens (the place we had our first date) and just chilled for the night.

*side bar*
Its like 3:30 am and these 2 ladies just knocked on my door!! WTF? Apparently one of em just got beaten by her boyfriend or husband and i guess they escaped. They needed to use a phone to call a ride cuz their car got impounded, plus they needed money for a cab...crazy. I let them use my phone and gave them a couple bucks and prayed to myself for their safety. Good thing I'm still up. sleepy, and i never seen this episode of Three's Company before so ima watch it...deuces.

oh the new layout???

Monday, October 19, 2009


Wuss goin' on blogger? i know i been SUPER ghost most of the summer and all of the fall and i apologize. I guess life got in the way. Plus my laptop needs a new hard drive. Its been jacked up for a minute now.

Anyways...Hopefully I'll be back permanently now :)

Friday, July 31, 2009 Kimmy

I know i been ghost for a MINUTE...and i will update soon...just not right now. 

I been kinda having a tough day. Today, July 31st, 2009 WOULD HAVE been the 22nd birthday of one of my closest cousins Kimone Alicia Anderson.

But she past away last September. She was in a car accident in Miami on I-95. I didnt find out until over a week later bc my number was in *her* phone. So i missed her funeral.

Its been tough on the family, and im still not even kinda ready to accept the fact that she's gone.

So i spent some time crying today.

I could go one forever talkin about her...and i will say more soon...just not right now...

I love u, Kimmy...till next time...

Friday, June 19, 2009

His Love is Like...

He gives me this feeling, which I am yet to explain...

Its like...

Love on the beach at 1am, like...

My emotions flowing out like the ink from this pen, like...

The sun breaking the sky into a new day, like...

My soul calling out to him needing him to stay, like...

My heart full of sunshine exploding within me, like...

New life beginning and one set free, like...

His smile is like...

All the beautiful smiles in the world together to form one, like...

The moon layin back to make way for the sun, like...

A flower at bloom on the first day of spring, like...

My body responding to the love that he brings

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dang, its been a minute

Im back! Im sure yall dont be missin me that hard...but its cool...

I gotta let u all know how it went with my future mom-in-law...

Well not only did I meet her, I met my bf's grandma, aunt, AND uncle!

how did it go, u ask??

They LOVE me!! and I LOVE THEM!!!

It went awesome! He told me not to worry bout it...but I didnt listen. I worried for nothing! This makes me even more excited about our future...hopefully a trip to Ohio this summer is in order...they say they cant wait to see me again...::blush::


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet the Parents...

Hello Blogger!!

I know I been ghost again! oh well...I got stuff goin on. The point of this post is...

I meet my future mother-in-law today!!!

I'm sooo nervous! I spoke to her on the phone a handful of times...and I tell my bf to tell her I say "hi" whenever he speaks to her on the phone. She seems to like me so far, but who knows. I'm nervous cuz soo many women have issues with their mother-in-law (including my mom and grandma. lol) I dont want that to be me. I want us to get along great...although he IS her only child :-/


any advice?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Im sure this might be my most random update post ever...u love it!

This is like my 4th post for the day...and its only 9am! WTF? I know right...

Well, I been up all I have for like the past 5 nights. It started Tuesday night while cramming for my first final. Not a good look. Cuz I was super tired during the test. Slept all day Wednesday then was up all night...thus beginning a very vicious cycle.

But screw what the calender summer began Friday afternoon! NO more school for me till the fall...thank God, cuz im soo tired!


Watchin Spongebob...never seen this episode. Squidward had surgery and got handsome!! LOL. I love this show!!

So...b4 my recent barage (sp?) of posts...I havent had a post in almost a month! Bad Rieka!! I also plan to post pix computer hasn't been workin and I dont feel like puttin my digital camera software on my bf's laptop. School's over now. Got lazy. Dont trip...its only temporary.

My mom is doin fine...thanx for caring and praying. Yay, its mother's day! Gotta go hang out wit her today. Happy Mother's day to all the mommies that will feast their eyes on this blog! One time for one of my best friend's in the world...Robin...the mother of my God-babies Joshua (2) and Nia (1). I heart them :)

Friday was my bf and my 10 month monthi-versary! Yay! Almost to a year...cant wait.

I NEED a job for the summer. Gotta make dis bread, cuh! sure there may be a million more posts for the day. I guess I been bottling up a lot in the past few weeks. Still gotta talk about the playoffs and why I love the NBA!

Stay tuned all day!



Kid Cudi...dope.

Kid comer. He's pretty beasty. Check him out...


I love music with a passion...which u probably cant tell from my blog. As much as I love music...I should have more posts about it...tighten up, Rieka.

So first off...


No...I did NOT watch Degrassi. Yes, I'm late. I just got put on a few months ago. I found out about him thru reading other ppls blogs. Plus when I saw the Comeback Season Mixtape cover...I was like, "damn! that nigga look good!" Everyone was sweatin this dude pretty hard. Like he was the freakin best thing since sliced bread. So, I downloaded Comback Season...

...and was so freakin disappointed. The only song on there I REALLY like is Replacement Girl with Trey Songz. The song with Rich Boy and the one with the Clipse are ok. The rest of them I wasnt feelin. So I was salty bc I was expecting sooo much. I felt like he was all hype...

UNTIL I got So Far Gone!! I fell in LOVE with this mixtape! I been killin it for a while now. At first I listened to it once in a while but for the past few weeks, its been hard to leave it alone!

My favorite is "Brand New". This song is constantly on repeat. Its on my myspace page, too. The next is "Best I Ever Had"...then "A Night Off" with Lloyd. The list goes on and on...lets just say I like the whole thing. Im sure my bf is tired of it by now as much as I play it.
Go Get It!

Gettin Old...

Hey everyone!! ya miss me? Its been a super hot minute...lotta stuff been goin on in my life. I'm sure to blog about some of it later.

So my roomate *Danielle* turned 22 last Monday. Yay! Happy belated birthday! But anyways, that day, we had a conversation about how freakin old we're getting and how time is flying by!

I turn 23 in a couple months which sounds so old! Sorry to the ppl older than dont mean to offend anyone. But I coulda swore I just turned 22! Ages 19-22 feels so recent. And I think about it like this...

when u turn 21...u think ur grown cuz u can buy liquor and everything....go to 21+ clubs and stuff. But ur still kinda brand new to being grown.

when u turn 22...U really start to feel grown because...hey, u been buyin drinks for a while now! U can go to any club u want to! (which i dont care about cuz I dont do that anymore) But 22 feels gr8 to be honest. I feel like a big girl now. I can do whatever I want, without having to answer to anyone. I'm comfortable here. lol.

now 23...that just sounds old! Even now I have a hard time realizing how grown I am! lol. But at 23, you are more experienced with a lot of things. At this point you been buying drinks for a long time. Ur a vet! And ur even closer to 30! LOL

Idk, maybe I'm just aprehensive about getting older. 22 is the age that madd ppl in there 40s reminisce on! Once our youth is all over...we cant get it back! Although, the most important goal I have in life is to have a family...I'm sure I will miss these days.

Danielle and I also came to the realization of the main reasons we are worried about it is bc we feel like we are not enjoying it like we should...all bc of SCHOOL! We spend so much time in school and studying that we feel like our youth is flying by! Its so hard to live like you want with all that goin on. But I have no option. So my goal is to live everyday to the fullest...and see what happens :)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just checkin out this whole text message Blogger feature...lets see if it works!

Lemme tell u bout this LAME nigga.... and my girl Shan went to the mall yesterday (Southlake) and when we walked in the door at the food court entrance...this chick and a guy walked out the door. So lemme tell u bout this chick hair...

I guess she was tryna do the whole Unique from Ray J show look wit her hair...but i didnt work because it was SUPER easy to see them big blonde tracks across her head! She had her real hair (which was kinda red) glued down wit a jar of gel...then the tracks were sittin on

So when we walked by them, Shan and i looked at each other crazy wit dat WTF face...then i said, "Hell wrong wit her tracks?"


Some nigga who was apparently with her that was stragglin behind stopped and said to me..."What u said?"

So i was like...

"What the hell u talkin bout?"

Then he said..."Thats my folk...what u said about her?"

Then i said..."hold up...was i even talkin to u bruh?" He kept repeatin "Thats my folk" like i gave a damn...he know her tracks messed up!! He know better than i know! He knew exactly what i said cuz he know her weave is jacked up!!

So while his dumb behind proceeded out the door (cuz his punk behind wasnt gonna do anything) I kept sayin to him..."i wasnt even talkin to u, bruh! i dont even know u! Keep it movin!"

I'm just sayin...What was he plannin on doin by questionin me? U gon come over here and Chris Brown me?? Nigga u aint crazy!! He super lame 4 a girl! U bout to come in my face bout some ol dumb mess like that??

Das a b**** move, up.

Welcome Home!!

So my mommy's back home!! Yay!! She got discharged Tuesday evening now she's back at the crib. Its kinda bittersweet tho. It was a lot better for her when she had nurses on deck to bring her whatever she needed whenever she needed it. But now that she's home...I'M back to my i cant be there 24/6 like i was b4. Plus...ima week behind in school and i gotta catch up! boyfriend and i mini-celebrated our monthi-versary yesterday by goin to Fridays (love the ribs!) He got a Jack Daniels burger and i got...of course...RIBS and fries with Jack Daniels glaze and blue cheese for my fries! mmm...

I decided im not goin to school this summer (cuz i used up all my loan money in the Fall and Spring) So im tryna find healthcare related work and some type of volunteer program (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta...GET AT ME!)...

Basically, overall...things are lookin up! Once again...thanx for the prayers!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Its like after 5 watchin Roseanne re-runs on...of course...Nick @ Nite. Still at Emory (hopefully our last night here) Ima have to miss another day of school tomorrow.

Anyway, I went to sleep at a decent time last night...i think like midnight...which is awesome for me! But I didnt go to sleep cuz i was sleepy... I went because I had this horrible headache! It was so bad it made me dizzy. So, i went to sleep and woke back up at 3:47am...havent been back to sleep since...and now the damn headache is back!!! ugh!!!

I miss my baby a whole lot. He came a few times since i been here (thursday & saturday) but i miss layin up wit him and watchin movies and stuff. I really wanna get back to him. I cant imagine how my brother has felt without his wife for a whole damn year! Our 9 month monthi-versary was wednesday (the day of my moms surgery) so we didnt see each other all day! So...we'll get it in when i get home. I heard the weather has been pretty nice. I wouldnt know. LOL. i barely left this building. I would love to just chill on a beach or something. I miss beaches here :(

*i want a turkey sub* but i digress...

im so freakin miserable right now! This headache has messed up my whole night! Im in this hospital the bf is sleeping so i cant call or text him. Im kinda hungry...freakin miserable.

Hopefully i'll feel better for my next post :-/

I almost mom is up and walkin now!! Yay!! She is officially wireless!! No IV's or anything! She cant walk too far yet but she's gettin there. She's out of the ol' Emory blue smock and is into her pretty baby pink pjs and robe! **she think she flyy** LOL. Thanx again everyone for the prayers :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feelin Betta!!

Hey Blogspot/Blogger...whatever u choose to call it...

Still at Emory...Mom is resting...She had a pretty good day today. She's lookin a lot better...feelin a lot better...hopefully by tomorrow she could get up and walk around. My brothers are here so the 4 of us been coolin it. She loves the fact that all 3 of her kids are here for her. She said we are her world ::blush::

I been sittin here thinkin bout the things ima do when I get back home...first of all my Sweetie Pie Hunny Bunch is takin me to get my toes done...YAY!! Way over due...haven't had them done since like October! I me, its a waste of money if its cold and I cant show 'em off!!
Also, I need to get myself more organized...real talk. I been slackin. My room is a mess and its been like that way longer than I'm used to. I just haven't been motivated to clean it. I'd rather just go cool it at my bf's crib so I don't have to look at it. I'm really not that lazy...I just have to be in the "cleaning mood" to really do it how I want it.
Lets see...what else? oh yeah...of course I gotta catch up on the school work. I hope I don't go back next week and have a test I ain't know about! I'd be super salty! I'm sure they would work with me...cuz if not...ima raise hell. Cuz I don't play about my grades!
On another note...I been feelin pretty good today. Last week I spoke to my advisor and I really didn't like what she had to say. Change of plans...and yet another damn setback! That day, after speaking with my bf and my mom...I felt a lot better and I knew I would just basically have to roll wit the punches. So then today after speaking for a while wit the night nurse Bill; i got me some freakin awesome advice! Along with the advice from my mom and her friend Tresh (pronounced Trish). So now I am super excited about my new plans for the next couple years!!
plus...ima blog more often :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hospital Stay...Day 3

So its a little after 6am...i been up all night watchin a George Lopez marathon on Nick @ Emory University Hospital in Decatur, GA. I should have been sleeping a while back but my mom wakes up periodically in need of ice chips or for me to help her turn from side to side. The surgery went well on Wednesday. It took a good 4.5 hours total to remove *most of* the pituitary tumor that grew in my moms brain. The surgeon couldnt retrieve all of it because some of it was wrapped around her carotid artery...and if they accidentally touched that...let's just say that would be a super duper NEGATIVE.

I havent slept much bc im worried that she would wake up needing me...and i would be fast asleep. Not a good look. Everytime she makes a sound...I'm on my toes! She's my heart.

Anyways...i missed school all week, im likely to miss it Monday also cuz the doctor thinks she might have to be here till then...fine wit me. Im a grinder. I can catch up. I just couldnt imagine myself being anywhere but right HERE.

I would like to take this time to thank Dr. Oyeseiku for doing an awesome job during surgery along with the ENT team. I would also like to thank the Nurses: Bill, Cathelyne, and Susan for lookin out...bein on top of them ice requests...and giving mommy what she needs to feel better. Also...Keen, Sadie, and Tresh (my moms friends) for comin thru and spending time with her...especially Keen...i see why ur her best friend. Also, my hunni, Que for comin thru and spending the whole day with us Thursday...and i know ur comin today, too. She loves u boo. Of course, my brothers Jamie & JaVon...Jamie for being the leader that u are takin care of home and JaVi while we're here and JaVi for being a big boy for Mommy. And last but not least...EVERYBODY that said a prayer for her...U cant even begin to understand how much we appreciate it! God really came thru for us...of course!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I have been kinda miserable lately. Madd ups and downs. Idk whats goin on in my mind cuz i got A LOT goin on in my life. Wish I could blog about it, but im just not comfortable with all that yet. Been slackin a lot on these blogs...not just writing...but reading also.

Well, I got one piece of good news to share...My sister-in-law (more like a real sister to me) is comin home from Kuwait this month YAY!! She's been there a year serving in the US Army. Pretty sure this was her last deployment so we're all pretty excited for her to come home...hopefully soon i can write a blog about her and my brother expecting a niece or nephew for me! (crosses fingers!)

Anyways...for some reason i feel like sharing a little. No details. But im speaking to all praying ppl right now. My mom is sick and is undergoing invasive surgery Wednesday morning to remove a tumor in her brain. I've been trying my best to be extremely positive and not think the worst and im relying on my faith in God to pull her thru. (talkin to her on the phone right now :) But...I'm gonna spend the week in the chair right next to her in the hospital. Every day and every night. Just like she did for me when i was 7 and was diagnosed with asthma. She quit her job to stay with me. She deserves the same. I already told my teachers i'm not comin to school this week...just so they know wussup.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Rain (My first Haiku!! Yay!!)

My pink is like gray
Flowers falling in my mind
Just like the spring rain

March 28, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yay! I'm back for the 2nd time today! So this is the situation...

My boyfriend has...sorry, HAD a female best friend. Some 'ol model wanna be chick. Well, I knew of her since Que and I been friends, then after we started dating he suggested we be facebook friends, so i said...ok, sure. So we made small talk here and there. I had no problem with them talkin on the phone here and there, after all, he's her son's god father! Thats cool. So the question it wrong for me to be happy that they are no longer friends?!

Nope! i think not!!


Cuz i found out {from my bf} that closer to the beginning of Que and my friendship...he told her he liked me...and that BITCH said i wasnt cute!!

U gotta be freakin kiddin me!! He didnt tell me b4 (and i understand why) cuz it would been a wrap for dat heffa!! Its like for some reason i never really liked her but i had no evidence. Now i wish she would say somethin to me!!

Ok, she thinks im not cute...ok thats her opinion...thats fine. MY problem is...if u see this trick...u would understand why her comment affected me so much. This bitch is busted and she calls herself a damn model. Idk where she finds these homeade ass myspace modeling agencies with their disposable camera using-ass photographers. She has NO top lip and her eyebrows look like damn Oscar the damn Grouch!!! How u go to a photo shoot without gettin ur eyebrows done?? Im just sayin...get ur shit together b4 u comment on others. Them photographers and lame ass niggas commenting on her pix got this chick so damn big headed she feels the looks good for some reason. And please believe...just bc u light-skinned dont make u pretty! Somebody done told her wrong!!

sorry 4


Hola ppl...

Yes, it has been a lil minute...

The thing is...i got a lotta things goin on in my world, but i have a hard time deciding what should be shared with the world and what shouldn't. Im still fairly new to this blogging thing and i dont wanna put too much of my personal-ness on here...yall may not be ready! Hell, I may not be ready!! LOL we go...

~*School Stuff*~

So, Spring Break is officially over!! {sad face} and its back to my MWF grind. Im soo ready to be thru...completely!! i been doin this school thing for too damn long! Unfortunately, this is the ONLY way I can become the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner I plan to be. Speakin of that...

I gotta get back to applyin for nursing programs. I been havin set back after set back when it comes to this. I was supposed to be in somebody's nursing program a long time ago...but*t happens. If its not one thing its the next...but there's no point in dwelling on that. I did my grieving, prayed about it, and moved on. My first choice is to get in to Clayton State's program bc this is where i currently attend school. I already know madd ppl here in terms of teachers and advisors, and friends that are already in there. Other than that, I might try Kennesaw State and West GA. We'll see...


I havent been on lately! Maybe I am losing interest!! I kinda fell offa myspace a while back. I really only go on to check my messages, comments, pic comments, etc. Then im off. I havent even posted new pics since like October!! usually on a lot. The past couple weeks i check my notifications, maybe change my status, then keep it moving. Weird. on Blogger every damn day! Reloigiously! Everytime i get online...i must get on Blogger...not to post (apparently) but to read the shit u all have to say!!! **hi five* to the ppl whose blog i follow!! Check me out on facebook and myspace anyway. Facebook: Sharieka Bryan [look me up];

~*New Layout*~

Yeah so I [obviously] need a new layout. Who keeps these given templates anyway?? Yet im super picky! I've seen some pretty decent backgrounds but then im like, "". Idk what my problem is. I'll prolly end up forcing my bf to make me somethin nice on photoshop...yeah...das a bet.

~*Relationship Status*~

So as of last week Sunday my boyfriend and I are officially 8 months in!! YAY!!! I cant wait till we get to a year!! We're thinking of a trip to Cabo, yah!

~*Job Search*~

Ok, i have tried to avoid working as much as possible...but im super tired of being broke!! I really need to be stackin my bread...cant stack invisible money...impossible. I been basically living offa school loan refund money...and it works for a while...but not too long. So...gotta see what I can work out. As much as i do need a picky as hell!! There is NO way im gonna work at some damn mall makin 5-somethin an hour! NOT DOIN IT!! I'm tryna find somethin in the healthcare field. Its hard without a degree, but if i can find some kind of front desk type gig, that would be great!

this post is gettin a bit long...i'll be back later...

Sunday, March 8, 2009


There is nothing I can do
And nothing I can say
To mend the heart that I broke.
If I could turn back the hands of time
I would cover your heart with mine
And love you then like I love you today.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm a couple days behind but...Monday was my Very First SNOW DAY!!!

Although I spent my 1st 4 years of life in Queens, NY...i grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (throw them L's up!!). I have been in Atlanta for a lil over 2 years now...and this is the first time my classes were cancelled bc of snow! Its funny cuz today is Wednesday and its lightweight warm outside! I thought FL had weird weather patterns but ATL is worse! While the temp was in the 20s-30s last weekend, this weekend its supposed to be in the High 70s! Maybe a road trip to Savannah with the bf is in order...hmmm?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ugh...sooo not a morning person!!

Im sooo tired of wakin up so damn early in the morning!! MWF i have a 9-9:50 class then an 11-11:50 class...then im thru. Why am i strugglin?!

Because i HATE being awake in the morning...especially that damn early! I have to wake up at like 7:30 am to get there on time (plus snooze a few times lol). I know a lot of yall probably have to get up much earlier in the morning...ya probably think im complaining for nothing. But my other problem is...i can never go to bed on time!! so when I dont hit the sheets till like 2-3am...its hard as hell for me to get up and STAY up that early!

So class started at 9...and I left the house at 9:02am...did I oversleep?? NO!! I layed in bed watchin freakin Spongebob!! LOL. I woke up on time, too! I have a good excuse tho...

It was cold!! lol...and my covers were warm!

SWAG Talk bout tired of these niggas wit all this damn SWAG talk! Like ok...we all know what swag me...its the way one carries oneself. My definition is also backed up by the Urban dictionary.

But uhh...i personally feel that a persons swagger should be more SEEN than
HEARD about! All these random dudes talkin bout "my swag is this" and "my swag is that"!

Dont get me wrong...I appreciate the intro to the swagger music such as "Swagger Like Us" (I heart T.I.), etc...but this whole swagger movement is being blown WAY outta proportion!!

Everybody aint got swag!!! Damn!! Just cuz you know what the word mean and u like the damn song dont mean u got it!! And if u talk about it too damn much...ur automatically OFF the "i got swag list"!

point. blank. period.


WTF does this nigga look like?
Dont he look like some cartoon dog or somethin?
Look at dis nigga's face!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Creative me!

I've been thinking...and i came to realize how much this relationship I'm in enhanced my life.

I've known for a while that i wanted to pursue nursing as a career. I've also known that i am IN LOVE with music...although i cant sing, rap, play ANY instruments (apart from alto saxophone in 6th grade band class, and mary had a little lamb on the piano lol). Other than a BEAST at singing in the shower and behind the wheel of my car...but thats it. I sound pretty horrible and i am comfortable with that!

Well...i already discussed in my first blog how i felt/feel about poetry. Just never really put pen to paper until recently. My bf is my number one fan (and my main topic most of the time) and has always encouraged me to write...hell he put me on to this blogging thing!

My boyfriend is THE most creative person i have ever had in my life. He makes beats (, as a matter of on his bed writing this blog while he makes this sick beat on his MPC2000XL. He likes to wear Ice Creams (Pharrell Williams brand) and colorful things, and he is FAR from a clone...he does his own thing and follows his own trends. He is a beast on them beats and has an ear for great music.

but i digress...

Since being with him he has definitely brought out my creative side. B4 him, i feel like i was just goin to school and just living. Goin out sometimes and i am writing poetry, learning to play the guitar...together (hopefully someday i can get a nice acoustic guitar), and my dress code is a bit more colorful.

Not only i said in love with music...and being with him, i feel like i am somehow a part of it!! He teaches me what everything means...i help him make beats sometimes...and its my voice that says his name on every song he produces! Soon enough i will be in the "Stu" (studio) wit him surrounded by a buliding full of industry folk...its a great feeling.

Overall, i just feel like an updated version of ME. I feel like my life was lightweight "regular" until now. I feel like these things were always a part of was just hidden...and i feel like im finally the person i am meant to be...different and far from regular :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of my new favorite shows...Daddy's Girls

Vanessa and Angela Simmons are fun to watch. I used to love Run's House but this is better cuz they were the main reasons I watched the show. Dont get me wrong...I love The Hills and The City...but this is easier for me to relate to. Although ALL these heffas got way more money than me...I can still relate to them more because they are down to earth and lightweight humble. Their father raised them right. The show is funny and all the girls are so different and they all compliment each other. And my new favorite quote...
"Open Ya Fat Eyes!!!" --Angela Simmons

Ryan Leslie...GO GET IT!!!

Man...this dude is a beast!! Go cop this album! Every song on this man's album is beasty, its hard to pick a favorite...ur best bet is to play it from beginning to end! My boyfriend and I damn near searched all of Atlanta for it and we found it last night and been killin it ever since.
The thing I like most about Ryan Leslie is that he is completely different from many other artists. He has a great singing voice, he raps, he produces his own music...with his own instruments, and records it all himself also! This is the definition of an artist!
He is truly one of my favorites. Not only is he an artist...he was admitted to Harvard at the age 15 and graduated at 19! Crazy...but anyway. His first album...self titled...Ryan already a classic. One of my new favorites...GO GET IT!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Way I Feel About You

Dedicated to my King on earth...

Adulation, affection, allegiance
I pledge to you
I am forever yours
Amity, appreciation, amour;
my lover, my friend, my source--
of happiness, life, air, and breath
My reason for loving and giving my all
just to feel your embrace,
your breath on the nape of my neck,
your strong fingers caressing my body
Your words of encouragement fuel me...
to be me
You are my shoulder to cry on,
my day, my night,
my stars, my moon,
my past, my present, my future
The hand I forever hold is yours
You are the father of my future children
The head of my future household
To you I stay true...Forevermore

Thursday, January 29, 2009 i got a bone to pick wit some of these dudes today

What the hell is goin on wit dudes wearin SKINNY JEANS?! Real talk tho...dont they hurt ur nuts??? Dont get me wrong, I love Lil Wayne, he is truly one of my favorite rappers...but why are all these niggas nowadays strivin so hard to look like this dude? This nigga could put a damn flower in his hair...and madd niggaz would start doin it too!! WHY?? Why cant everybody just be individuals and stop makin themselves clones? Skinny jeans are for women!! There's no excuse for a man's pants size to be a 3/4 or a 7/8!!! Get it together! I know styles change all the time, and thats fine...but this is too much. Yall took it wayyy too far wit this one. Its ok for super tight jeans to be comfy on me...but men...they shouldnt be comfy on you!!

I mean...what's next? Skirts and leggings?

So...I have an addiction...

to Victoria's Secret panties!!!! I mean...i couldnt be the only one! They are so pretty (namely VS PINK) I have a hard time goin thru the mall and walkin by the store without going in because they always seem to have some type of 5 for $25 sign...and one time they had up a 7 for $25 sign!! how could i possibly pass that up? I have a big drawer full of PINK panties of all colors and all styles...and it will freakin what?!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm not crazy but...

On Tuesday, January 20th 2009, during PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA's Inaguration coverage...i dozed off and took a nap. During that time i had a dream that Barack and I were like best friends!!! Dont laugh at me! The dream felt SUPER REAL!!! It was so detailed...he wasn't even wearing a suit when we hung out...just regular clothes! My brothers were boyfriend...MICHELLE was there also...and she was cool as a fan! Long story short, i woke up pissed as hell when i realized it was merely a dream... :(


I knew we could make history happen...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Love...

Before i go any further, i must introduce the love of my life...


The BEST Producer in the WORLD!

We have been together for over 6 months now and I've never been so sure about anything in my Life. He completes me...and i pray we stay together forever and always...

My First Blog...cliche? I know!!

Well, its like 1:30 in the pretty damn tired because i got a good 2 hours of sleep last night...but instead of taking my butt to writing my first blog! YAY!!

I've contemplated blogging for a minute now...but i just came around to puttin my fingers to these keys and making it happen. I always thought this blogging phenomenon was pretty interesting, yet, I was nervous about getting too personal. So enjoy what I share and dont be greedy...

My name is Sharieka and I'm 22 years old. I was born in Queens, NY, raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and i currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I hail from a Jamaican backgroung, forground, and all around ground...JA ALL DAY!!!
I've always liked myself but now at 22, I'm trying to expand my horizons. I'm learning to be more open to new things and I am persuing things that I've always wanted to do but never got around to. I have always been interested in poetry...yet I was led to believe that it was something you had to be born with. I felt like it was something you either have a skill for or you dont. I learned that anyone can do it with the right mindset and the right words. I'm enjoying this new found skill. It helps me to relieve stress in a positive way. Hopefully this blogsite will do the same...