Friday, June 5, 2009

Dang, its been a minute

Im back! Im sure yall dont be missin me that hard...but its cool...

I gotta let u all know how it went with my future mom-in-law...

Well not only did I meet her, I met my bf's grandma, aunt, AND uncle!

how did it go, u ask??

They LOVE me!! and I LOVE THEM!!!

It went awesome! He told me not to worry bout it...but I didnt listen. I worried for nothing! This makes me even more excited about our future...hopefully a trip to Ohio this summer is in order...they say they cant wait to see me again...::blush::



  1. ha i'm happy it went well! i told you, you'd have nothin' to worry about

  2. Thanx Pat.Jak!! u did tell me!! im glad i listened!!