Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding Bells???

So i was on Facebook for a while this evening. And i noticed a pattern. Madd ppl i went to HS with (c/o 2004!! lol) have either gotten married, or are engaged! Not half as much as the ones who had kids...but some are married WITH kids! I was fb messaging a friend from high school who was 2 yrs behind me...and this dude is married wit 3 kids!!! say word? He's 21 years old and done having children!

Anyways...many of my friends have either an engagement ring, or a wedding band (including my BESTIE Cheryl!! I cant wait to be the maid of honor in her Spring 2010 nuptials!!).

My BFF Cheryl and her awesome fiance Ari...i heart them! lol

The ring!


But every time i see ppl flashin their rings...i get kinda anxious! Not to be confused with need for all that! lol. It just makes me think of how happy i will be when its my turn!! It will be awesome. I just hope my bf does something cute and creative...i dont want no "spur of the moment" proposal...i want somethin prepared damnit!! LOL


Thursday, October 29, 2009


my mom is on facebook :-

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hilarious Commercial of the Week: Snuggie!

Ok...I know these commercials been around for a lil minute now...but i cant help but LMAO everytime this freakin commercial comes on!! But real talk...are these ppl serious?! They have to be!

(disregard the crappy video...the best i could find)


1. @ 0:03 & 0:08 seconds...why is this nigga "raisin the roof???" When the hell was the last time it was ok to raise a damn roof??? And this dude is doin it in the gayest way possible! LOL

2. @ 0:19 & 0:22 seconds...check the old man on the left...the only dude at the game WITHOUT a snuggie!! Is it really that cold? Or is he just pissed cuz he aint got one?! Regardless...these ppl trippin. Thats why this is the Hilarious Commercial of the Week!


Sign them papers?!

My boyfriend and i had a discussion last night while walkin thru Walmart. We were talkin about the music industry and what they do to entice fans thru their music.

...It all started on our way to walmart, that new Usher song came on the Hot 107.9 "Papers". Ok. Not a bad song. Sounds good to the ear. I LOVE ballads. And im sure plenty of ppl can relate...
i mean DAMN URSH! Sign the papers?! First of all, we believed you when u said "Confessions" wasnt about Chilli (yeah right!) but damn, not only did u put ur new ex-wife on blast wit this one...i mean, u made a ballad about signing divorce papers! Does that only sound funny to me? or am i just crazy?

So anyways...after expressing my views to my bf, he agreed and basically told me the reason for it. Money. This song is gonna get a lot of buzz. This is what ppl want to hear. There's prolly madd folks out here whose relationship is borderline divorce; and this song is just what they needed to go head and make it official. I mean...there's nothing wrong wit the topic of the song...thats not my beef. My beef is the line that is repeated in the chorus. Ya coulda been a lil more creative, and a lil more subtle. Ok Usher. Congrats. Get back at me when u get a better hook than "im ready to sign them papers!"



Ok...i LOVE this band!!!

I'm not usually on top of new videos on MTV or new music by rock bands, but, last year some time i heard this song called

and i instantly fell in love with it! i downloaded it and killed it. But for some reason, i didnt think to do my homework on this band. So i just did. Yesterday. I spent half my day on youtube watchin videos on most of their songs. Come to find out they have 3 albums, including one that just dropped late last month.


Although I havent listened to every song on every album, im in love wit their second album Riot! released in 07. All the singles they released from that album was dope!
The band consists of Hayley Williams (lead vocals/keyboards), Josh Farro (lead guitar/backing vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar), Zac Farro (drums), and Taylor York (rhythm guitar). They been out since like sure im late, i hopped on early 08.

anyways...check em out if u havent already. New album in stores: Brand New Eyes tired of black ppl thinkin that all they can listen to is Hip Hop and R&B!! Although those are my 2 favorite genres...there is nothing wrong with being open minded! Its all music! I like what sounds good or whatever speaks to me. Get out of ur little boxes and Get like me! LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So this is what you missed

I guess this is an update post since IM BACK NOW! ya missed a lot.

Im 23 now! whooo hooo!!! And it feels great! A bit contrary to my feelings from 5 months ago: read it here

A lot has happened in the past few months...most will be omitted from this post lol. But my birthday was pretty fun. I got up and just hung out at the crib wit my man, then we went to Movie Tavern to see the latest Harry Potter movie. after that, we went back to the crib...i changed up and put on my birthday dress wit my black peeptoe pumps and went to Ruby Tuesdays on Virginia Ave. The ribs were bomb. After that, we kicked it wit our boy Marcus and some other folks at his new apt.

Also, in August, i moved the hell outta Clayton county Georgia...Thank God...and now i am in the beautiful Dunwoody/Sandy Springs/Perimeter area...although my address says Atlanta...smh. Anyway...i love it here! its much closer to things including Perimeter mall where i seen Lloyd, Biz Markie, and Mike Bibby...and also Lenox Square Mall...where everybody be! That works for me.

My bf and i actually moved here together. Its his apartment, but im just here temporarily till i can get a job so i can get my own (hopefully across the hall lol). We're not ready to live together yet...its not of God. (Not to condemn anyone...that's just how we feel)

Speaking of the my older posts, i was super excited about us reaching our one year mark. Now its been over a year and three months!! still goin strong. By FAR my longest relationship ever!! Our anniversary was July 8th and despite our plans for the day, it rained, so we kept it simple and went to Olive Gardens (the place we had our first date) and just chilled for the night.

*side bar*
Its like 3:30 am and these 2 ladies just knocked on my door!! WTF? Apparently one of em just got beaten by her boyfriend or husband and i guess they escaped. They needed to use a phone to call a ride cuz their car got impounded, plus they needed money for a cab...crazy. I let them use my phone and gave them a couple bucks and prayed to myself for their safety. Good thing I'm still up. sleepy, and i never seen this episode of Three's Company before so ima watch it...deuces.

oh the new layout???

Monday, October 19, 2009


Wuss goin' on blogger? i know i been SUPER ghost most of the summer and all of the fall and i apologize. I guess life got in the way. Plus my laptop needs a new hard drive. Its been jacked up for a minute now.

Anyways...Hopefully I'll be back permanently now :)