Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ugh...sooo not a morning person!!

Im sooo tired of wakin up so damn early in the morning!! MWF i have a 9-9:50 class then an 11-11:50 class...then im thru. Why am i strugglin?!

Because i HATE being awake in the morning...especially that damn early! I have to wake up at like 7:30 am to get there on time (plus snooze a few times lol). I know a lot of yall probably have to get up much earlier in the morning...ya probably think im complaining for nothing. But my other problem is...i can never go to bed on time!! so when I dont hit the sheets till like 2-3am...its hard as hell for me to get up and STAY up that early!

So class started at 9...and I left the house at 9:02am...did I oversleep?? NO!! I layed in bed watchin freakin Spongebob!! LOL. I woke up on time, too! I have a good excuse tho...

It was cold!! lol...and my covers were warm!

SWAG Talk bout tired of these niggas wit all this damn SWAG talk! Like ok...we all know what swag me...its the way one carries oneself. My definition is also backed up by the Urban dictionary.

But uhh...i personally feel that a persons swagger should be more SEEN than
HEARD about! All these random dudes talkin bout "my swag is this" and "my swag is that"!

Dont get me wrong...I appreciate the intro to the swagger music such as "Swagger Like Us" (I heart T.I.), etc...but this whole swagger movement is being blown WAY outta proportion!!

Everybody aint got swag!!! Damn!! Just cuz you know what the word mean and u like the damn song dont mean u got it!! And if u talk about it too damn much...ur automatically OFF the "i got swag list"!

point. blank. period.


WTF does this nigga look like?
Dont he look like some cartoon dog or somethin?
Look at dis nigga's face!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Creative me!

I've been thinking...and i came to realize how much this relationship I'm in enhanced my life.

I've known for a while that i wanted to pursue nursing as a career. I've also known that i am IN LOVE with music...although i cant sing, rap, play ANY instruments (apart from alto saxophone in 6th grade band class, and mary had a little lamb on the piano lol). Other than a BEAST at singing in the shower and behind the wheel of my car...but thats it. I sound pretty horrible and i am comfortable with that!

Well...i already discussed in my first blog how i felt/feel about poetry. Just never really put pen to paper until recently. My bf is my number one fan (and my main topic most of the time) and has always encouraged me to write...hell he put me on to this blogging thing!

My boyfriend is THE most creative person i have ever had in my life. He makes beats (, as a matter of on his bed writing this blog while he makes this sick beat on his MPC2000XL. He likes to wear Ice Creams (Pharrell Williams brand) and colorful things, and he is FAR from a clone...he does his own thing and follows his own trends. He is a beast on them beats and has an ear for great music.

but i digress...

Since being with him he has definitely brought out my creative side. B4 him, i feel like i was just goin to school and just living. Goin out sometimes and i am writing poetry, learning to play the guitar...together (hopefully someday i can get a nice acoustic guitar), and my dress code is a bit more colorful.

Not only i said in love with music...and being with him, i feel like i am somehow a part of it!! He teaches me what everything means...i help him make beats sometimes...and its my voice that says his name on every song he produces! Soon enough i will be in the "Stu" (studio) wit him surrounded by a buliding full of industry folk...its a great feeling.

Overall, i just feel like an updated version of ME. I feel like my life was lightweight "regular" until now. I feel like these things were always a part of was just hidden...and i feel like im finally the person i am meant to be...different and far from regular :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of my new favorite shows...Daddy's Girls

Vanessa and Angela Simmons are fun to watch. I used to love Run's House but this is better cuz they were the main reasons I watched the show. Dont get me wrong...I love The Hills and The City...but this is easier for me to relate to. Although ALL these heffas got way more money than me...I can still relate to them more because they are down to earth and lightweight humble. Their father raised them right. The show is funny and all the girls are so different and they all compliment each other. And my new favorite quote...
"Open Ya Fat Eyes!!!" --Angela Simmons

Ryan Leslie...GO GET IT!!!

Man...this dude is a beast!! Go cop this album! Every song on this man's album is beasty, its hard to pick a favorite...ur best bet is to play it from beginning to end! My boyfriend and I damn near searched all of Atlanta for it and we found it last night and been killin it ever since.
The thing I like most about Ryan Leslie is that he is completely different from many other artists. He has a great singing voice, he raps, he produces his own music...with his own instruments, and records it all himself also! This is the definition of an artist!
He is truly one of my favorites. Not only is he an artist...he was admitted to Harvard at the age 15 and graduated at 19! Crazy...but anyway. His first album...self titled...Ryan already a classic. One of my new favorites...GO GET IT!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Way I Feel About You

Dedicated to my King on earth...

Adulation, affection, allegiance
I pledge to you
I am forever yours
Amity, appreciation, amour;
my lover, my friend, my source--
of happiness, life, air, and breath
My reason for loving and giving my all
just to feel your embrace,
your breath on the nape of my neck,
your strong fingers caressing my body
Your words of encouragement fuel me...
to be me
You are my shoulder to cry on,
my day, my night,
my stars, my moon,
my past, my present, my future
The hand I forever hold is yours
You are the father of my future children
The head of my future household
To you I stay true...Forevermore