Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SWAG Talk bout tired of these niggas wit all this damn SWAG talk! Like ok...we all know what swag me...its the way one carries oneself. My definition is also backed up by the Urban dictionary.

But uhh...i personally feel that a persons swagger should be more SEEN than
HEARD about! All these random dudes talkin bout "my swag is this" and "my swag is that"!

Dont get me wrong...I appreciate the intro to the swagger music such as "Swagger Like Us" (I heart T.I.), etc...but this whole swagger movement is being blown WAY outta proportion!!

Everybody aint got swag!!! Damn!! Just cuz you know what the word mean and u like the damn song dont mean u got it!! And if u talk about it too damn much...ur automatically OFF the "i got swag list"!

point. blank. period.

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