Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ryan Leslie...GO GET IT!!!

Man...this dude is a beast!! Go cop this album! Every song on this man's album is beasty, its hard to pick a favorite...ur best bet is to play it from beginning to end! My boyfriend and I damn near searched all of Atlanta for it and we found it last night and been killin it ever since.
The thing I like most about Ryan Leslie is that he is completely different from many other artists. He has a great singing voice, he raps, he produces his own music...with his own instruments, and records it all himself also! This is the definition of an artist!
He is truly one of my favorites. Not only is he an artist...he was admitted to Harvard at the age 15 and graduated at 19! Crazy...but anyway. His first album...self titled...Ryan Leslie...is already a classic. One of my new favorites...GO GET IT!!

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