Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#5 Cant Wait Til Later...

next song on my fave slow jamz list is atlanta's own bobby v, from his 2007 album "special occasion" (i coulda swore i saw him in victoria's secret one day lol). enjoy!

#5: bobby v: cant wait til later

Monday, March 8, 2010


my bf recorded this commercial on tv just to show it to me...these infomercials are really goin overboard!!

and then the fact that they got gilbert gottfried to do the voice over makes it even more hilarious!

"its not just a shoe horn...its a shoe horn on a stick!!"

why they make simple ish look soo damn complicated???

#4 Everything

next on my slow jamz list...from his 2005 album "naked"

#4: marques houston: everything

hey cheryl...remember when we were little and he was my play-play husband?? lol

Sunday, March 7, 2010

#3 In The Middle

next up...from his debut album "just gotta make it"

#3: trey songz: in the middle

Cock-blockin...yes. Hatin...hell naw!

so here's the story. there's this guy at my school right...lets call him...*derick* so derick its a decent lookin guy...looks around 26 although he is actually 32. when school started back in august, a friend of mine was kinda feelin him. he gave off the impression that he was tired of playin games and was lookin to settle down. he had been married b4 and has a 9-yr-old daughter (for whom he is seeking full custody) but thats besides the point. once he showed interest in my girl...lets call her *jennifer* they started lightweight "talkin" till she found out he was obviously in search of a f**k buddy. he was always tryin to get her to come to "college park" to his house. (sn: he always want ppl to come to his damn house) so she decided not to mess wit him like that. cuz she know what he about.  so basically this dude did his rotations and tried to talk to every good lookin girl in the class 1 by 1. on the sly. everytime a new girl came around...this nigga tried to get it in. after all this...he got less and less attractive and became a super lame.

so recently i met this girl, new friend lets call her *kenya* my new classes. and she is really pretty and really nice. we were talkin the other day about how fed up she is wit men playin around wit her feelings and she was on the verge of givin up on men.

so what had happened was...

kenya started talkin to derick and was discussin the situation wit me and my other friend *victoria*. now victoria was one of the girls that derick tried to scheme on. but she wasnt havin it. so what we did was put kenya up on derick's schemin ass ways. we told her not to STOP talkin to him...but just to keep her eyes open and dont catch feelings too quick. bc any of us that know him good from our other classes would warn her ass too!

so somehow he found out and said to her, "i heard u been listenin to some haters" haters bruh??? really? aint nobody tryna hate on u...i dont want u bruh! im just tryna put this innocent girl up on ur trifflin ways b4 she get herself hurt! i woulda felt bad if i DIDNT say anything then she end up gettin seriously hurt by this dude. victoria knows first hand bc he fed her the same bs like 3 months ago. he even tried to talk to me on the sly KNOWING good and well i got a man!

anyways she appreciated us tellin her wussup. and she told us about he tried to get her to come "to college park" to his house. and within 2 days she seen some of his true colors. plus...this nigga is 32 and she is 20! c'mon bruh...maybe if u wasnt so damn trifflin...u wouldnt have to worry! crazy.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

#2 On Top

next on my fav slow jamz list...enjoy!

#2 trey songz: on top


Friday, March 5, 2010

#1 Jupiter Love

i got an idea!! this is what ima do: back in january i posted this post about some of my favorite slow jamz...u all commented and added a few of ur favs and mentioned that u were unfamiliar with some of the songs i posted. so i decided to one by one...give u an opportunity to check em out...and see why i like em so much! i will be going down the list one by by day :)

#1: trey songz: jupiter love

(idk why they put the song over the "last time" video. losers. but its the best i could find)

like it??