Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite Slow Jamz...

I'm sure im not the only, u know those songs that u will never get tired of? The ones u can put on repeat and go to sleep? I decided to start a list of the *slow jamz* that make me sing in front of the mirror in my panties with my hair brush in my hand! I know this aint it...but this is all i can think of at the moment. I'll add more as i remember. If u never heard any of these songs...i suggest u youtube it! (no particular order)

1. Jupiter Love: Trey Songz
2. On Top: Trey Songz
3. In the Middle: Trey Songz
4. Everything: Marques Houston
5. Cant Wait Til Later: Bobby Valentino
6. Doin' Just Fine: Boyz II Men
7. Complicated: Nivea
8. What You Tryna Do: Jagged Edge
9. Healing: Jagged Edge
10. Remedy: Jagged Edge
11. Empty: Raheem Devaughn (me and the bf's "song")
12. Freakin' Me: Jamie Foxx & Marsha Ambrosius
13. Slow: Jamie Foxx
14. Damage: Chris Brown
15. Lay Down: Floetry
16. Getting Late: Floetry
17. Say Yes: Floetry
18. If I Was A Bird: Floetry
19. Brand New: Drake
20. Suffocate: J. Holiday

What are some of ur favorite slow jamz??


  1. girl i was sittin here nodding my head like mmm yess girl...
    haha them my joints too.

  2. so can you believe this is like our biggest difference? lol. slow jams will tear us apart :)

    no, but really, if only i could like r&b...

  3. ahh i love a bunch of these songs, & i'm going to download the few i don't have.

  4. ...most of the slow jams i like are from the Dru Hill Days, JE, and Silk era! lol

    nice site!


  5. i feel you.
    i was like "yep yep thats my jam too !" lol

    i LOVE me some JE !
    here are a few of mine :

    Scratchin Me Up - Trey Songz
    Feel Like A Man - Jhene
    Unthinkable - Alicia Keys
    Suffocate - J. Holiday
    Players Prayer - Lloyd
    Fulltime Lover - JE
    In The Morning - JE
    1st Love - Tamia Avant
    Officially Missing You - Tamia
    Why Dont We Fall In Love - Amerie

  6. Great list I def need to get some of the ones I haven't heard! Love the JE songs!

  7. one song i can't keep off of repeat is Freakin Me by Jamie Foxx