Friday, January 8, 2010


ugh...first post of the new year...and NO i havent been ghost...i been on this bih everyday! But, i kinda wanted to start the new year with a new signature and i been getting it perfected (although i didnt want it to take so long) i shoulda just said eff it...cuz now im 8 days behind! more posts to come...prolly tonight...cuz i miss yall!! lol

Hope yall think the signature is worth the wait! My bf did it <3

lol. im such a loser...duh, rieka...if u save a post as a draft...Blogger automatically puts the date u initially wrote it! lol. I guess this aint my first post of the new yr, but guess what?? i dont feel like changing what i wrote above...i kinda like it lol So what??

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