Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite Slow Jamz...

I'm sure im not the only, u know those songs that u will never get tired of? The ones u can put on repeat and go to sleep? I decided to start a list of the *slow jamz* that make me sing in front of the mirror in my panties with my hair brush in my hand! I know this aint it...but this is all i can think of at the moment. I'll add more as i remember. If u never heard any of these songs...i suggest u youtube it! (no particular order)

1. Jupiter Love: Trey Songz
2. On Top: Trey Songz
3. In the Middle: Trey Songz
4. Everything: Marques Houston
5. Cant Wait Til Later: Bobby Valentino
6. Doin' Just Fine: Boyz II Men
7. Complicated: Nivea
8. What You Tryna Do: Jagged Edge
9. Healing: Jagged Edge
10. Remedy: Jagged Edge
11. Empty: Raheem Devaughn (me and the bf's "song")
12. Freakin' Me: Jamie Foxx & Marsha Ambrosius
13. Slow: Jamie Foxx
14. Damage: Chris Brown
15. Lay Down: Floetry
16. Getting Late: Floetry
17. Say Yes: Floetry
18. If I Was A Bird: Floetry
19. Brand New: Drake
20. Suffocate: J. Holiday

What are some of ur favorite slow jamz??

Say AAH!!

Trey Songz...Say Aah. nice. I like the way its kinda like a prelude to the invented sex video. its like showin him when he met the girl that he ended up takin home that night. enjoy!


ugh...first post of the new year...and NO i havent been ghost...i been on this bih everyday! But, i kinda wanted to start the new year with a new signature and i been getting it perfected (although i didnt want it to take so long) i shoulda just said eff it...cuz now im 8 days behind! more posts to come...prolly tonight...cuz i miss yall!! lol

Hope yall think the signature is worth the wait! My bf did it <3

lol. im such a loser...duh, rieka...if u save a post as a draft...Blogger automatically puts the date u initially wrote it! lol. I guess this aint my first post of the new yr, but guess what?? i dont feel like changing what i wrote above...i kinda like it lol So what??

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shake Weight LOL

Hilarious Commercial of the freakin week!

just watch the video...its self-explanatory...i have NO words for this!! lol


New Year...Fresh Start

Yay! Its a new year and i got optimism comin outta my butt!!

Things in my life a rollercoasterish right now (dont worry, ill spare u the details). But its rollercoasterish bc some things are goin pretty good like my grades and my relationship with my bf...and some things are pretty sucky like my relationship with my family, my empty pockets, and inability to get a freakin job.

So these are the things i hope to accomplish this year:

-Gotta get my relationship with God exactly where it needs to be

-Keep this 4.0 i got goin right now in this program im in.

-graduate from this program,

-get a decent job hopefully at a OB/GYN or pediatric office until the end of the year...then on to a Nursing program for next year.

-get a job SOME DAMN WHERE for now so i can pay my damn bills and save up for a new car...cuz this one aint cuttin it

-Hopefully take my relationship to **the next level** whatever that may be...i guess u'll see ;)

-Get it together wit my mom =/

-Get a better crib when this lease is up in August

-Enjoy my 24th birthday this summer!!

-Celebrate my bf and my 2 year anniversary this summer also

big plans...but im sure i can work it all out. I love the positivity that comes along with a new year...the fresh start. Ima go head and make this the best year yet. Im anticipating mad changes and hopefully they all will be for the better :)