Thursday, March 4, 2010

"You cute...for a dark skinned girl"

(me n my old friend Kandey in 2007)

i was just now reminded of this line i used to hear too many times...

"You cute...for a dark skinned girl"

yeah?? and may i ask what the hell is that supposed to mean? cuz im dark skinned im supposed to be ugly and ashy??? why cant i just be cute? Fortunately...i dont give a damn about stuff like that anymore. i love my chocolateness! i just never understood. 

You never hear:

"You cute...for a light skinned girl..."

i guess light skinned girls are just "expected" to be cute. so if they stumble upon a busted light skinned they say..."she ugly...for a light skinned girl"? 


  1. i've heard things like this all my life and it erks my nerves..ugh!
    they will never admit to it but black ppl are racist against there own kind. why does is have to be lightskin vs darkskin..can we come together and be great.!

  2. I personally hate when people use that line like wtf. Dark skinned girls are beautiful...just like any other skin tone. Color doesn't matter. Beauty is beauty...smh.

  3. ha, you're so right.
    oh, "you're so nice for a black girl."

  4. i think they definitely would say (to their friends): she's ugly for a light-skinned girl.

    i know white guys who would some times say (not to me--just in general): she's pretty for a black girl.

    so yeah....why can't we all just be pretty! haha