Friday, March 5, 2010

#1 Jupiter Love

i got an idea!! this is what ima do: back in january i posted this post about some of my favorite slow jamz...u all commented and added a few of ur favs and mentioned that u were unfamiliar with some of the songs i posted. so i decided to one by one...give u an opportunity to check em out...and see why i like em so much! i will be going down the list one by by day :)

#1: trey songz: jupiter love

(idk why they put the song over the "last time" video. losers. but its the best i could find)

like it??


  1. see! now this will keep you up on your blogging. good idea.

  2. i know right!! thanx! maybe it will get u to like some slow jamz! lol...maybe...just maybe ;)

  3. girl trey and his sexy ass but thats my video although like you said it doesnt but i love this song as well