Monday, March 8, 2010


my bf recorded this commercial on tv just to show it to me...these infomercials are really goin overboard!!

and then the fact that they got gilbert gottfried to do the voice over makes it even more hilarious!

"its not just a shoe horn...its a shoe horn on a stick!!"

why they make simple ish look soo damn complicated???


  1. haha. i don't know about you but that shoe renewer is hot! you buy yourself the shoedini and give me the shoe renewer that comes free!

    i'm reposting this on fb.

  2. LMAO! girl we are in the wrong profession. We need to go ahead and come up with something stupid and simple and make us a little more monies

  3. @cheryl good on the shoedini, thanx. ill get one when i start scuffin up the back of my shoes like that LOL

    @miss.fortune im sayin right...all we need is a dumb idea!!