Monday, October 26, 2009

Sign them papers?!

My boyfriend and i had a discussion last night while walkin thru Walmart. We were talkin about the music industry and what they do to entice fans thru their music.

...It all started on our way to walmart, that new Usher song came on the Hot 107.9 "Papers". Ok. Not a bad song. Sounds good to the ear. I LOVE ballads. And im sure plenty of ppl can relate...
i mean DAMN URSH! Sign the papers?! First of all, we believed you when u said "Confessions" wasnt about Chilli (yeah right!) but damn, not only did u put ur new ex-wife on blast wit this one...i mean, u made a ballad about signing divorce papers! Does that only sound funny to me? or am i just crazy?

So anyways...after expressing my views to my bf, he agreed and basically told me the reason for it. Money. This song is gonna get a lot of buzz. This is what ppl want to hear. There's prolly madd folks out here whose relationship is borderline divorce; and this song is just what they needed to go head and make it official. I mean...there's nothing wrong wit the topic of the song...thats not my beef. My beef is the line that is repeated in the chorus. Ya coulda been a lil more creative, and a lil more subtle. Ok Usher. Congrats. Get back at me when u get a better hook than "im ready to sign them papers!"



  1. thank u so much for ur comment! and i agree with YOU 100%...i'm not insecure either, I just dont like to be pushed aside for several minutes.

    and your bf is right about this post: people do absolutely anything for more money and publicity. they can deny it all they want but everyone in the industry is money hungry

  2. wow..usher got issues..why can't he make it work with his women??? but wow "im ready to sign them papers?"

  3. Thanx ladies! Yeah...Mr. Ursh need to get it together.

    and Bianca: im glad u feel me on that. U shouldnt feel insecure OR disrespected in a relationship!