Friday, October 30, 2009

Wedding Bells???

So i was on Facebook for a while this evening. And i noticed a pattern. Madd ppl i went to HS with (c/o 2004!! lol) have either gotten married, or are engaged! Not half as much as the ones who had kids...but some are married WITH kids! I was fb messaging a friend from high school who was 2 yrs behind me...and this dude is married wit 3 kids!!! say word? He's 21 years old and done having children!

Anyways...many of my friends have either an engagement ring, or a wedding band (including my BESTIE Cheryl!! I cant wait to be the maid of honor in her Spring 2010 nuptials!!).

My BFF Cheryl and her awesome fiance Ari...i heart them! lol

The ring!


But every time i see ppl flashin their rings...i get kinda anxious! Not to be confused with need for all that! lol. It just makes me think of how happy i will be when its my turn!! It will be awesome. I just hope my bf does something cute and creative...i dont want no "spur of the moment" proposal...i want somethin prepared damnit!! LOL



  1. awww they make such a cute couple...stuff like that sometimes get to me like aww...but i'm excited for my turn as well.

  2. omg...i'm all over your blog! haha.
    thanks to the above comment, btw.

    1- my coworker/friend has a snuggie, and although i hate snuggies (including the ones for dogs) i do wish i had her snuggie whenever i'm sitting in cold office meetings.

    2- why is monica on fb? lol ari's mom is too. good thing my mom doesn't know how to use the computer.

    3- i can't believe you're into paramore. i actually don't know much of their stuff, but now i will take a listen.

    4- i'm glad ur in a relationship where you are excited about the possibility of being with that person for the rest of your life. it's a great feeling. <3


  3. 1. LOL

    2. my mom didnt know how to use it b4 but she been havin too many of her lil friends encourage her to get on to reconnect wit old ppl from Jamaica. Damn peer pressure!

    3. Yeah, i cant believe im into paramore either!! lol. but now im hooked LOL. they're pretty good.

    4. Thanx, and it is a great feeling! I wanna be like u and ari when i grow up lol :)

  4. I KNEW IT, JENN!! That's what that post was all about today, huh?