Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Did u REALLY invent sex, Trey??

Yeah?? Seriously?? Its like dat Trey??? I mean damn...if this aint one of the most inappropriate videos EVER!!! LOL. They doin everything but actually smashin' on here!! This is worse than soft porn!! But no lie...I LOVE IT!! Trey Songz KNOW he look good...and he chose a pretty good lookin girl for this video. Its a very sexy song and video...but damnit...if i had kids, this would def be on the DO NOT WATCH list!! Enjoy...if ur 18+ lol



  1. SHit He Can invent sex with me anytime he is just tooo sexy this is so not for tv but i loved it...that girl s lucky!!! lol...

  2. That girl was having the time of her life on that video...err i was so jealous...the things I would do to that man..