Thursday, November 19, 2009

PLEASE get off of ppl's nuts!!!

OMG! If i see one more person on facebook wit the name ________ Minaj or "some kinda Barbie" im gonna freakin S C R E A M!!!!

Why Why Why are females sweatin this female like this??? WTF is goin on?? Wuss wit all this I AM NICKI MINAJ sh*t (excuse my potty mouth)?! NO YOU ARE NOT NICKI MINAJ!! You are whatever-the-hell name ya birth certificate says!

Why cant people just BE THEMSELVES???

I had to put on my status: Sharieka Bryan really wish folks would get off Nicki Minaj's nuts

I hope not to offend anyone...but...frankly...i dont give a damn! People need to hear this! I got madd responses and everybody co-signin.

Please don't mistake this for hate...cuz this has nothin to to with Nicki Minaj as a talkin about these dick-riders. I still dont understand why females be sweatin other females (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Beyonce especially) When these ppl are human just like we are! Cuz God knows im startin to lightweight dislike these ppl solely based on these girls out here. Its ok to have role models...but this mess is just outta hand!




  1. Lol Right!! people do tho especially that minaj shit everybody a fucking barbie and shit now..Lame but i like her but not enough to be teaming her

  2. Im sayin right!! People need to know their boundaries. lol. Some sh*t is just too damn much!

  3. girl girl too...and not only her but Rihanna and Lady Ga-ga...I don't get it..

  4. Im sayin right! Especially Rihanna! Folks know their lives more than they know their own! lol

  5. Ughh, i totally agree. i wish everybody would stop riding her damn clit. Everybodi wanna be a barbie now. Everybody wana be a Minaj or Lewinski..or some other bullshit ass ally. Smh at these people. They need to get it together.

  6. is it weird that i just found out who nicki minaj was? she's on a robin thicke song and that's how i know of her.

  7. No its not weird...u might wanna let that be the only song u here from her. LOL