Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Excited...


I booked my flight to go wit the (future) hubby to OHIO for thanxgiving!!! YAY!! I already met his mom, dad, aunt, and grandmother...but this month i will be surrounded by EVERBODY ELSE thats in his family!! Including his step-mom, his brothers, sister-in-in law, brand new nephew, and like a million uncles and cousins! Im really excited to meet everyone and im probabley JUST AS excited bout all the freakin food!!!

but here's the thing...

I wasnt able to get the same flight as him...matter of fact...we aint even on the same airline! And i will be in Ohio for a whole 5 HOURS b4 he gets there!!! WTF? What the hell am i gonna do?? I'll be with his step-mom and his lil brother, and maybe even his dad...scary. I'm really nervous about that. What will i do till he gets there? anybody ever been in a similar predicament??

Well, im excited overall. I'm sure it will be fun. We'll be there from the tuesday till sunday. I'll return with pics. Till then...


*This Trey Songz album ain't no joke! Jupiter Love*


  1. awww!!! how freakin sweet! Meeting the FAM!! yeet. I'm excited for you

  2. haha! yes! I'm spending Thanksgiving with my boo and all her family...for the first time. we'll pray for each other!

  3. being with the family for 5 hours can be ridiculously uncomfortable unless they are super easy to talk to. i say, take time to get something to eat with them. eating takes a couple hours--especially if you have to leave the airport, drive to a restaurant, order the food, eat the food, drive back to the airport, etc. Plus, it's easy to feel more comfortable around new people over food. tell them about yourself and your family...blah blah.

    that's all i got :)

  4. @Pat.Jak: Yes, we will definitely pray for each other! we'll report back the next week!

    @Cheryl: Thanx Bestie! Sounds like a plan...i hope its that simple!

  5. Cute!!Hope you have Fun and thanks for the birthday wishes