Thursday, December 31, 2009

I cant think of a title for this one,,,who cares?

I would like to start this post off wit a shout out (yes, i said shout out! lol) To my favorite lil man in the WORLD, my baby brother JaVon. He is 12 today!! Yay!

(its a pretty old pic but he still looks the same, just a lil taller) anyways...
Happy Birthday JaVi!!

Next on the agenda,

I'm yet to post any pix from Thanxgiving and first it was bc i was too lazy to upload them. But now, its bc i cant find the cord that goes from my camera to my computer! so, my plan is to post the few pix that i took on my phone. hope its good enough for u all =/


so first off...Que's lil cousin Jehlan...2 year old cutie...he had a mini crush on me! I <3 him lol

At BD's Mongolian BBQ wit Que and my mom-in-law on our last night in Ohio. It was pretty dope.

Que's brand new first nephew, Asher isnt he cute??

Here is Que playing with Asher...

I have a million Asher pix, and it would be impossible (possible, just too lazy) for me to post them all...but this one is the cutest.

Thanxgiving overall was pretty fun. I woulda had more pix but i was meetin my bf's fam for the first time, so the last thing i wanted to do was to snap pix in their faces all day! lol. But the food was extra good, and everybody seemed to like me =)


All i really have to show from Christmas was MY PLATE!! lol.

Clockwise, starting at the top: Glazed Ham, broccoli, rice and peas, oxtail, potato salad, scalloped potatoes, and baked mac n cheese...mmm...ya ahoulda seen my take home plate! lol

Christmas was decent. Coulda been better (if i woulda just stayed my butt home...just me and my man...) but, It wasnt about me, it was about Christ, and he got his honor.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


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