Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello all...

Damn, i guess im startin off this month kinda late. I still gotta update u all on my thanxgiving in Ohio with the future in laws. Ive been to lazy to upload the pix so i can make an all-inclusive post...but ill get to it. soon enough i guess.

So lately, my facebook statuses have looked a lot like this:

Sharieka Bryan is idk.

There's nothin wrong wit me, i just been in this mood lately in which i am neither happy nor sad. I just be thinkin too hard. Like, everything that is goin on in my life is goin thru my head all at the same time. And its not all day that i feel like this...its only at night. I know im not depressed cuz it really aint dat damn serious, but its really annoying. Im just gonna have to pray about it cuz its really not a good look. My bf asked me about 20 min ago, "Rieka, Whats wrong?" and i really didnt know what to say. idk. oh well. yall think im crazy??
lemme know.



  1. Lol naw girl your not Crazy i be feeling this way to sometime but see me i be kinda stress dealing with high school[i want to graduate like NOW!!last year tho],work,day and night school everything is just beginning to be a little too much..But i feel you tho my life be going thru my head all at the same time too i guess i got to much goin on but i guess blogging is this best way to get stuff off your mind so BLOG...But anyway yeah i want to see the pics

  2. i feel you..ive been feeling this way all wk. only because i've finally had my house to myself and time alone to think..too much is running thru my head but i know its all for the good. whats ur sign? libras (like my self) tend to over think things..that could be good or bad. oh neways i'll be checkin u following

  3. Thanx, ladies!

    @Miss.Fortune: Im a Leo...and thanx for following!!