Thursday, December 31, 2009

U know what? Bump dat! He gets his own post today!!

Yeah, screw all dat im dedicating this whole blog post to my baby brother JaVon aka JaVi...cuz its his BIRTHDAY TODAY and @ 12 years old he been through a lotta mess in his life and he been extra strong. so here's some pix...

Whoopin my butt in Fight Night...

Fake sleepin...u aint foolin nobody!

Aint we the cutest??

So u cool now, huh?

Happy Birthday, Boo Boo...i love you!



  1. aw i hope he had a bomb birthday..
    and i hope you beat him in those video games..but it seems like he's the one whoopin you.lmao

  2. yeah...he be killin me! lol Thanx!