Monday, April 13, 2009


Its like after 5 watchin Roseanne re-runs on...of course...Nick @ Nite. Still at Emory (hopefully our last night here) Ima have to miss another day of school tomorrow.

Anyway, I went to sleep at a decent time last night...i think like midnight...which is awesome for me! But I didnt go to sleep cuz i was sleepy... I went because I had this horrible headache! It was so bad it made me dizzy. So, i went to sleep and woke back up at 3:47am...havent been back to sleep since...and now the damn headache is back!!! ugh!!!

I miss my baby a whole lot. He came a few times since i been here (thursday & saturday) but i miss layin up wit him and watchin movies and stuff. I really wanna get back to him. I cant imagine how my brother has felt without his wife for a whole damn year! Our 9 month monthi-versary was wednesday (the day of my moms surgery) so we didnt see each other all day! So...we'll get it in when i get home. I heard the weather has been pretty nice. I wouldnt know. LOL. i barely left this building. I would love to just chill on a beach or something. I miss beaches here :(

*i want a turkey sub* but i digress...

im so freakin miserable right now! This headache has messed up my whole night! Im in this hospital the bf is sleeping so i cant call or text him. Im kinda hungry...freakin miserable.

Hopefully i'll feel better for my next post :-/

I almost mom is up and walkin now!! Yay!! She is officially wireless!! No IV's or anything! She cant walk too far yet but she's gettin there. She's out of the ol' Emory blue smock and is into her pretty baby pink pjs and robe! **she think she flyy** LOL. Thanx again everyone for the prayers :)


  1. Your Mom is lucky to have you there with her. I wish her plenty of strength. You'll be home with your man before ya know it! :)