Monday, April 6, 2009


I have been kinda miserable lately. Madd ups and downs. Idk whats goin on in my mind cuz i got A LOT goin on in my life. Wish I could blog about it, but im just not comfortable with all that yet. Been slackin a lot on these blogs...not just writing...but reading also.

Well, I got one piece of good news to share...My sister-in-law (more like a real sister to me) is comin home from Kuwait this month YAY!! She's been there a year serving in the US Army. Pretty sure this was her last deployment so we're all pretty excited for her to come home...hopefully soon i can write a blog about her and my brother expecting a niece or nephew for me! (crosses fingers!)

Anyways...for some reason i feel like sharing a little. No details. But im speaking to all praying ppl right now. My mom is sick and is undergoing invasive surgery Wednesday morning to remove a tumor in her brain. I've been trying my best to be extremely positive and not think the worst and im relying on my faith in God to pull her thru. (talkin to her on the phone right now :) But...I'm gonna spend the week in the chair right next to her in the hospital. Every day and every night. Just like she did for me when i was 7 and was diagnosed with asthma. She quit her job to stay with me. She deserves the same. I already told my teachers i'm not comin to school this week...just so they know wussup.


  1. Hunny, I just put myself in your shoes as a daughter and let me tell you.. I stopped in my tracks and prayed. Stay strong & have faith. Continue to do what you're doing and be right beside her. Show her your love. God Bless.

  2. Thanx For the support ladies!! I needed to hear it!

  3. Que The Boy WonderApril 10, 2009 at 6:49 AM

    yo everything ok now huh? i'll be there tomorrow my love!!!