Friday, April 10, 2009

Hospital Stay...Day 3

So its a little after 6am...i been up all night watchin a George Lopez marathon on Nick @ Emory University Hospital in Decatur, GA. I should have been sleeping a while back but my mom wakes up periodically in need of ice chips or for me to help her turn from side to side. The surgery went well on Wednesday. It took a good 4.5 hours total to remove *most of* the pituitary tumor that grew in my moms brain. The surgeon couldnt retrieve all of it because some of it was wrapped around her carotid artery...and if they accidentally touched that...let's just say that would be a super duper NEGATIVE.

I havent slept much bc im worried that she would wake up needing me...and i would be fast asleep. Not a good look. Everytime she makes a sound...I'm on my toes! She's my heart.

Anyways...i missed school all week, im likely to miss it Monday also cuz the doctor thinks she might have to be here till then...fine wit me. Im a grinder. I can catch up. I just couldnt imagine myself being anywhere but right HERE.

I would like to take this time to thank Dr. Oyeseiku for doing an awesome job during surgery along with the ENT team. I would also like to thank the Nurses: Bill, Cathelyne, and Susan for lookin out...bein on top of them ice requests...and giving mommy what she needs to feel better. Also...Keen, Sadie, and Tresh (my moms friends) for comin thru and spending time with her...especially Keen...i see why ur her best friend. Also, my hunni, Que for comin thru and spending the whole day with us Thursday...and i know ur comin today, too. She loves u boo. Of course, my brothers Jamie & JaVon...Jamie for being the leader that u are takin care of home and JaVi while we're here and JaVi for being a big boy for Mommy. And last but not least...EVERYBODY that said a prayer for her...U cant even begin to understand how much we appreciate it! God really came thru for us...of course!


  1. Que The Boy WonderApril 10, 2009 at 6:59 AM


  2. wow, i haven't even been on to check up things...i'm glad to hear things went well. my prayers go out to you and your mother and he continuance to full health.