Thursday, January 29, 2009 i got a bone to pick wit some of these dudes today

What the hell is goin on wit dudes wearin SKINNY JEANS?! Real talk tho...dont they hurt ur nuts??? Dont get me wrong, I love Lil Wayne, he is truly one of my favorite rappers...but why are all these niggas nowadays strivin so hard to look like this dude? This nigga could put a damn flower in his hair...and madd niggaz would start doin it too!! WHY?? Why cant everybody just be individuals and stop makin themselves clones? Skinny jeans are for women!! There's no excuse for a man's pants size to be a 3/4 or a 7/8!!! Get it together! I know styles change all the time, and thats fine...but this is too much. Yall took it wayyy too far wit this one. Its ok for super tight jeans to be comfy on me...but men...they shouldnt be comfy on you!!

I mean...what's next? Skirts and leggings?


  1. lol thats too funny and thats super true!!!

  2. such defined legs!

    Like this one