Monday, March 16, 2009


Yay! I'm back for the 2nd time today! So this is the situation...

My boyfriend has...sorry, HAD a female best friend. Some 'ol model wanna be chick. Well, I knew of her since Que and I been friends, then after we started dating he suggested we be facebook friends, so i said...ok, sure. So we made small talk here and there. I had no problem with them talkin on the phone here and there, after all, he's her son's god father! Thats cool. So the question it wrong for me to be happy that they are no longer friends?!

Nope! i think not!!


Cuz i found out {from my bf} that closer to the beginning of Que and my friendship...he told her he liked me...and that BITCH said i wasnt cute!!

U gotta be freakin kiddin me!! He didnt tell me b4 (and i understand why) cuz it would been a wrap for dat heffa!! Its like for some reason i never really liked her but i had no evidence. Now i wish she would say somethin to me!!

Ok, she thinks im not cute...ok thats her opinion...thats fine. MY problem is...if u see this trick...u would understand why her comment affected me so much. This bitch is busted and she calls herself a damn model. Idk where she finds these homeade ass myspace modeling agencies with their disposable camera using-ass photographers. She has NO top lip and her eyebrows look like damn Oscar the damn Grouch!!! How u go to a photo shoot without gettin ur eyebrows done?? Im just sayin...get ur shit together b4 u comment on others. Them photographers and lame ass niggas commenting on her pix got this chick so damn big headed she feels the looks good for some reason. And please believe...just bc u light-skinned dont make u pretty! Somebody done told her wrong!!

sorry 4


  1. well i'm glad you didn't beat her up...that wouldn't have been good for her

  2. dees nuts! lol (jp) too grown for that fightin stuff...but she's all the way in Ohio anyway :)

  3. damn, i feel the heat ms. bryan!