Monday, March 16, 2009


Hola ppl...

Yes, it has been a lil minute...

The thing is...i got a lotta things goin on in my world, but i have a hard time deciding what should be shared with the world and what shouldn't. Im still fairly new to this blogging thing and i dont wanna put too much of my personal-ness on here...yall may not be ready! Hell, I may not be ready!! LOL we go...

~*School Stuff*~

So, Spring Break is officially over!! {sad face} and its back to my MWF grind. Im soo ready to be thru...completely!! i been doin this school thing for too damn long! Unfortunately, this is the ONLY way I can become the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner I plan to be. Speakin of that...

I gotta get back to applyin for nursing programs. I been havin set back after set back when it comes to this. I was supposed to be in somebody's nursing program a long time ago...but*t happens. If its not one thing its the next...but there's no point in dwelling on that. I did my grieving, prayed about it, and moved on. My first choice is to get in to Clayton State's program bc this is where i currently attend school. I already know madd ppl here in terms of teachers and advisors, and friends that are already in there. Other than that, I might try Kennesaw State and West GA. We'll see...


I havent been on lately! Maybe I am losing interest!! I kinda fell offa myspace a while back. I really only go on to check my messages, comments, pic comments, etc. Then im off. I havent even posted new pics since like October!! usually on a lot. The past couple weeks i check my notifications, maybe change my status, then keep it moving. Weird. on Blogger every damn day! Reloigiously! Everytime i get online...i must get on Blogger...not to post (apparently) but to read the shit u all have to say!!! **hi five* to the ppl whose blog i follow!! Check me out on facebook and myspace anyway. Facebook: Sharieka Bryan [look me up];

~*New Layout*~

Yeah so I [obviously] need a new layout. Who keeps these given templates anyway?? Yet im super picky! I've seen some pretty decent backgrounds but then im like, "". Idk what my problem is. I'll prolly end up forcing my bf to make me somethin nice on photoshop...yeah...das a bet.

~*Relationship Status*~

So as of last week Sunday my boyfriend and I are officially 8 months in!! YAY!!! I cant wait till we get to a year!! We're thinking of a trip to Cabo, yah!

~*Job Search*~

Ok, i have tried to avoid working as much as possible...but im super tired of being broke!! I really need to be stackin my bread...cant stack invisible money...impossible. I been basically living offa school loan refund money...and it works for a while...but not too long. So...gotta see what I can work out. As much as i do need a picky as hell!! There is NO way im gonna work at some damn mall makin 5-somethin an hour! NOT DOIN IT!! I'm tryna find somethin in the healthcare field. Its hard without a degree, but if i can find some kind of front desk type gig, that would be great!

this post is gettin a bit long...i'll be back later...


  1. HeLLo! BloghoPPIng! I LIKE your long post!

  2. You would be a great neonatal nurse! doesn't blogging get super addictive?

    also, ari and i are trying to plan a 3 day cruise this summer, and you and your almost yearlong b/f can come to that.

    since ur still in school, i would recommend you use craigslist or monster to find a part-time office job (admin asst., secretary, receptionist, etc). those jobs usually pay at least $8 (some times up to $12) an hour.

    -luv ya