Sunday, May 10, 2009


I love music with a passion...which u probably cant tell from my blog. As much as I love music...I should have more posts about it...tighten up, Rieka.

So first off...


No...I did NOT watch Degrassi. Yes, I'm late. I just got put on a few months ago. I found out about him thru reading other ppls blogs. Plus when I saw the Comeback Season Mixtape cover...I was like, "damn! that nigga look good!" Everyone was sweatin this dude pretty hard. Like he was the freakin best thing since sliced bread. So, I downloaded Comback Season...

...and was so freakin disappointed. The only song on there I REALLY like is Replacement Girl with Trey Songz. The song with Rich Boy and the one with the Clipse are ok. The rest of them I wasnt feelin. So I was salty bc I was expecting sooo much. I felt like he was all hype...

UNTIL I got So Far Gone!! I fell in LOVE with this mixtape! I been killin it for a while now. At first I listened to it once in a while but for the past few weeks, its been hard to leave it alone!

My favorite is "Brand New". This song is constantly on repeat. Its on my myspace page, too. The next is "Best I Ever Had"...then "A Night Off" with Lloyd. The list goes on and on...lets just say I like the whole thing. Im sure my bf is tired of it by now as much as I play it.
Go Get It!

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